by MetalFan

Tracking software that monitors the status of postal and courier services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MetalFan

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TrackChecker is an interesting application that allows you to track the entire path of parcels ordered by the user through the Internet services of various postal and courier companies. Currently, the program supports more than 300 such services, which in most cases will allow you to fully track the entire path of goods ordered by mail.

The application interface allows you to quickly navigate through its main functions. The program supports a wide range of different settings, providing the opportunity to configure it for each user according to individual requirements. TrackChecker also has tools that can be used to group parcel data, add and configure mail services, save settings as a separate file, work through a proxy server, perform quick search, sorting and much more. In addition, there are also versions of the program for users of mobile devices based on Android and iOS operating systems.

- A huge database of online postal services, allowing full control over the path of parcels;

- the ability to add new services;

- convenient search and sorting function;

- the ability to save the configured configurations as a separate file

- working through a proxy server;

- availability of versions of the program for iPhone and Android - devices.

TrackChecker enables users to fully track mail orders shipped from various postal carriers in one convenient location. Additional tools allow for parcel data grouping, design or add mail services, sort, quick search, and other useful functions. Android and iOS functional.
TrackChecker is an application that enables the user to track the path of parcels ordered through the internet services of various postal and courier companies (more than 300 services). Configuration of the program is possible as well as the ability to use different tools to group parcel data, add/configure mail services, save settings as a separate file, and more.
After reading the product description, I can only see this service attracting those with a business that order items or expect inventory on a regular basis. I don't really see a large market for this and wouldn't attract the average Joe. It sounds like an amazing service that would be beneficial to those providing products and service especially online. I plan to save this site to my favorites. I am currently working on my online store and would definitely like to take advantage of this once my business starts to move forward. It could help me keep track of packages if a customer were to say they never received.
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Thanks to Trackchecker I have been able to follow all the shipments that I have to make from my company, I was delighted because I can feel confident in where my shipment is and I know how much time is left for its delivery. It has been very easy to add tacks with this application, as well as to keep track of them and be aware of everything that happens with my packages. I recommend it 100% because I have had an excellent experience with this application.
This application is a good software for tracking packages and parcel items. This particular tracker allow users to customize appearances within the app. This is recommended because you can get real-time tracking info and you're able to adjust the frequency of tracking updates. Being able to customize the tracker to your specifications is a great feature because you'll know exactly what you're looking for. It's easy to set-up and there's a back-up option to save your updated info.
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