SRS Audio Sandbox

by SRS Labs

Cool Audio App

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SRS Labs

Release: SRS Audio Sandbox

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4699

Sleek interface for adjusting audio input on computer, control surrond sound on multiple speakers, gives really good sound to both small and large sized speakers.  


  • Control 2 or more speakers at once
  • Easily plug in headphones, etc to free up desk space
  • Great sound from small, medium or large speakers
  • Great presets for games, music, videos

Really like this, would use this again. 

Sleek Interface

Paul Ketchel (unverified)
I am a DJ and I routinely like to use older audio clips in my tracks but sometimes the quality is just not there. This sandbox allows me to play around with older files and tweak them before deployment. I really recommend this for anyone that works in the music industry.
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