Window Hide Tool

by Window Hide

A utility that helps you to quickly hide a window by using hotkeys or by clicking an icon

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Window Hide

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Window Hide Tool is a tool that allows you to quickly hide the window of any application.

This program supports the ability to set up hotkeys to manage its main commands: hide the window, hide all the windows, hide a group of windows.

You can also hide the windows by clicking on the Window Hide Tool icon located in the system tray.

In addition, you will be able to define groups of windows by the text that is in their titles and set up hotkeys for them (for example, a group can include all the windows that have 'Internet Explorer' text in their titles).

- The small size of the program.

- Simple and intuitive interface.

- Support hotkeys.

It is latest tool called window hide tool that allows us to hide quickly the other windows application as soon as possible. In addition we can able to define groups of windows by text that are there in the titles. we can also hide the windows by clicking window hide tool icon located in the system tray.
Amazing software good for when I do screen recording e.g. and I need to have a program running but don’t want it blocking up my screen e.g. Would highly recommend this to people as it really helps and works with all applications.
Great tool for when one wants to hide the windows open on your desktop. What's great about it is that you can hide just one window with hot keys Win + H, you can also bring that window back up with Win + S. It allows you to hide more than just one window also
I always wanted privacy, but I've never had it since my door is always open. With this program, I can easily have privacy whenever someone comes in unannounced.
This was honestly not something i thought i would really use until i got given it. Has the name states it allows you to hide your open windows with ease. This as really come in handy for example when i'm recording my screen when i make my sims vids.
Window Hide Tool for Windows is the perfect solution to your privacy needs. Whether you work at home in your office or are part of a firm, Hide Tool looks to give your privacy back. It allows you to hide and restore a single window or groups of them and bring them back all using intuitive hot keys. Trust me, if you are tired of worrying about reading NSFW material while at work, or just need to switch windows more efficiently, Windows Hide Tool is your solution.
Window Hide Tool is a utility that helps you to quickly hide a window of any application
Need to de-clutter your desktop while keeping your hands on the keyboard? Well you may want to try out Window Hide. It’s a utility app that gives the ability to quickly hide a window of an application with hotkeys or using your mouse in your tray. This software features the ability to hide all or only one or few of windows, granting a high degree of flexibility. Now you can quickly hide all those open windows with just a few key presses and refine your organizational skills.
I was looking for a utility to quickly hide a window of any application. I was searching online for a long period of time. Then, one of my friends suggested me to try out "Window Hide Tool" for Windows. I have never seen a software with these much of options so far. it helped me to hide a window of any application by using keys. I'm very much thankful for the team who have developed this software.
In my point of view I used this software as it is costless and can easily hide an open source app. It is an efficient one I have met. I tried it to hide single window or group of windows. You may use single key to both hide and show the windows.
it's a program that allows me to hide any window that I have open from someone who might be passing by. This lets me look productive whenever my boss walks past, even if I happen to have a variety of windows open for Facebook and Instagram. I appreciate that I can drop any window from my screen with just the click of a button.
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