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A program that is used for network troubleshooting.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wireshark

Release: Wireshark 3.0.1

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Wireshark is a program that is used for network troubleshooting. 

Some of the main features of this program include the following:

·      There are two ways that data can be captured with this program. The first is “from the wire” which means that the data comes from a live network connection. The second is from data that has been made into a file of already-captured packets.

One key benefit of using this program is that it is completely free to use.

·         There are multiple types of networks that data can be read from. These include Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP, and loopback.

·         This program uses GUI or TShark (the terminal/command line version) to browse the captured network data.

·         Using the command-line switches, programs can be programmatically edited or converted to the editcap program.

·         Using a display filter, data can be refined for a better display.

·         This program allows dissecting new protocols can be created using plug-ins.

·         This program allows VoIP calls can be detected and if the encoded data is a compatible encoding, can even be played back.

·         This program allows raw USB traffic to be captured.

·         This program allows the filtering of wireless connections as long as traverse the monitored Ethernet.

·         This program utilizes multiple settings, timers, and filters in order to provide the facility of filtering any and all output of the captures traffic.

·         This program does not require elevated privileges used for safety for their operators anymore due to the possibility of a bug in the system from using these privileges.

·         This program uses color packets to help organize particular fields in packets which helps identify the different types of traffic at a glance.

·         This program can also be used with network simulation tools in order to capture packets.

Wireshark requires Linxus, macOS, BSD, Solaris, some other Unix-like operating systems, or Microsoft Windows. There is also a terminal-based version call TShark. These programs are free programs released using the terms set forth by the GNU General Public License.

Reid Hastings
Wireshark is a huge help in analyzing my software downloads before I deploy them. As a developer, security matters and Wireshark hits my needs in a very convenient and cost-effective manner. I feel my workflow as a developer has gotten much easier since I've started using Wireshark.
My favorite thing about Wireshark is that it's free. There are so many programs and products that we have to pay for already. And I hate when you already have something wrong, and then you have to pay to find out what's wrong with it. So when you have a free troubleshooting program, it's awesome!
Owen Mancini
monitoring can help to discover performance issues, bottlenecks and bandwidth hogs. A long-time bandwidth analysis supports administrators and IT-departments optimizing their networks according to actual demands. There are three common methods for monitoring bandwidth: SNMP, xFlow (NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow) and packet sniffing. While SNMP and xFlow require that the network's hardware supports the used protocol, packet sniffing works independently of any hardware protocols. It analyzes all data sent in the network and thus gathers information on quantity and quality of the network traffic.
It is mainly used by cybercrime, research and investigation team. Very easy to startup and running. Even educated and little educated can operate and make use of it. You can filter the networks troubleshoot issues and errors using this software.
It is a famous and foremost network protocol analyzer.Even we can monitor what is happening to our network system minutely. It is used in industries and educational organizations. It inspects various protocols at same time. Also we can read and wright different file format.
Callan N********f
Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. It is used for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and communications protocol development, and education. It can capture and interactively browse the traffic running on a computer network.
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