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Operating system: Windows

Release: Homedale 1.71

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Homedale for Windows allows you to dictate and see whatever LAN ports are available to you, you can simply load up the program and look at the available LANs to you. Homedale for Windows also allows you to see the wifi signals and the strengths of them, you can simply load up the program and let it scan everything available to you. You can utilize this in conjunction with other programs, you can simply have the best around in the business with this program.

Homedale is a great tool if you need to get into some other wifi or need to know the strength in the wifi signals around an office, or even around your own house or apartment complex! it scans completely free and very fast as well.

The program itself is very intuitive and you can take control and find the wifi you need asap! you don't need to wait around for other stuff, Homedale will take control over what you need and show you which wifi networks you can get onto and which ones you cant, and also the strengths and weaknesses of the said wifi unit! they also show WLAN ports as well, you can get all that for free!

Homedale is a great tool if you're a business person or an IT guy that needs to monitor all the wifi networks and WLAN nodes around the office, it's gonna be beneficial to you, and your company!

Easy to use.

  • Free
  • Monitors whatever wifi networks
  • Easy to use
  • Very intuitive program

The conclusion is that Homedale for Windows is really good for people that are in need to monitor WLAN nodes, and wifi networks, and monitor their strengths and weaknesses, it's important and vital to understand that type of information in a business environment and Homedale for Windows can do that for you.

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Homedale 1.71 (1 MB)
This program does not seem very useful. Many computers have built in tools that allow you to see and analyze nearby wifi sources and their strengths. Having a separate program to do this seems clunky and like a waste of valuable hard drive space. I personally would not download this, it seems relatively useless.
Wow, this sounds interesting. Its awesome that you mentioned reasons that you would need to use this software, because at first I could't think of ANYTHING. After reading though, it sounds like you can test the strength and test where you might need signal booster.
This seems to be an unnecessary tool, as most modern computers have built in scanners and wireless control centers that do everything advertised in this product. Regardless, you would likely not need this as a network administrator and if you were a home user, your computer settings should suffice for most of what this is trying to accomplish.
Been using Homedale for a while, picks up my office WIFI signals, and shows me the strengths, clearly and easily. This software is straightforward to use and the best thing, is that its free. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to monitor their networks.
Cameron Delvalle
Homedale is a free download for Windows 7 or higher, and allows you to monitor the signal strength of multiple WLAN Access points for a strong connection. It is also set up to where you can monitor specific signal strength in a graph over a certain period of time.
Homedale for Windows is a software that allows you to have access to wireless computer points in the LAN atmosphere very convenient and easy to use
Homedale is a great program and could change things for the users. It provides a quick glimpse at LAN access points for the new user. Windows PC models are preferred to install the Homedale program as well. That will greatly simplify the project and make it a top draw. Windows PC compatibility issues can be addressed by the development team. The programmers will want to see how users are trying it out.
Homedale is a convenient, free, Windows application that doesn't require installation since the program is portal. This tool allows you to see all the local wireless networks in your area, including helpful details such as SSIDs, Mac addresses, and signals strengths. Overall, nice tool to help users monitor signal strength of multiple access points.
This program is really great at providing up to date information. It is so simple that it does not require any installation. A portable device Is a great option to use Home for Windows on.
I can see the WLAN access points available using Homedale for Windows on my computer. It shows me their signal speed, signal intensity, and frequency among other things. It gives my adapter all the information it needs. This is a light and free software. So portable. I can take it with me wherever I go and have information on multiple WLAN access. Isn't this so cool!
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