XMind 8

by XMind

Collaborate with others and brainstorm ideas

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: XMind

Release: XMind 8 3.7.8

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9856

The XMind 8 is a newer version of a mind mapping software that allows you to collaborate with others and brainstorm ideas. This software is good because it allows for an easy way to get your ideas on to software so you can actually see it.


  • Mind Mapping
  • Business Charts
  • Brainstorming
  • presentation mode
  • useful templates
  • office pdf
  • mind toolbox
  • save to Evernote
  • themes and fonts
  • map merge
  • map shot

    XMind 8 is a mind mapping software available for free on windows. It allows for is mind mapping presentation that is way easier because it is integrated together just choose the topic you want. Also has brand new clip art to better get your brainstorming across and allows for an easy intuitive map for your ideas. You have access to free templates which allow for easy demonstrations of your ideas to save you time and money. New workspace UI allows for efficient mind mapping and you can use it very quickly for very fast mind mapping.

This software is good because it allows for an easy way to get your ideas on to a software so you can actually see it.

    Xmind allows you to organize your thoughts through all the listed features above. You can finally express your thoughts visually with clip arts so you can always be organized and on point when you need to present your ideas. It allows you to keep all of your files safe and in order with saves and you can export some files to Evernote.

  This software can help you with lots of things for school and share your ideas with the world by sharing with others. this is customizable to your preferences and what you want to can choose with the different functions of the xmind8 software. Don't ever feel like you unorganized again with this thought organizer and you will be able to do lots of mind mapping. XMind 8 is brainstorming the way you want to do it and the easy way to get it done.

offered for free on windows or you can buy it for 129 dollars

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