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A free and professional editor for XML files in Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WMHelp.com

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XMLPad is a small editor with backlit syntax, designed to help users work with data in XML format, as well as convert them to DTD format and others.

Despite the fact that the program combines a large number of functions, it has a simple interface, typical for applications of this class: the tree structure of elements in the left pane and the documents opened in the tabs in the central part (in the editor itself). All main control elements are placed on the toolbar at the top. In the editor you can work with several documents simultaneously, as well as perform basic operations: cut, copy, paste, delete, use the search and cancel or repeat the performed actions.

XMLPad supports a large number of formats, among which: XML, XSD, DTD, XSL, CSV, DOCX, CAB, JAR, ZIP, GZ. You can also import information from HTML files and open URLs directly from the main window. Especially for this purpose, the developers have added a built-in browser to their product.

Other important features worth mentioning include the ability to convert data to different formats, add comments, create or delete tags, and view and print charts. Last but not least, the user can create file associations, choose the background and front colors for XML and Java syntax highlighting and connect JAXB and Castor.

- Opening and editing XML files;

- support for a large number of formats;

- ability to import data from HTML format;

- Built-in browser to open URLs;

- the ability to add comments;

- a simple interface;

- the ability to connect JAXB and Castor.

XMLPad is built on WMHelp.com's proprietary custom-developed XML parser engine, which was constructed in accordance with W3C standards.its primary functions include; a sophisticated XML and DTD editor with colour syntax highlighting, line numbers, element range navigation, and a context-sensitive source aid wizard; Editing DTD and XML with the tree and properties views, synced with ordinary editor navigation; editing XML with the cutting-edge Grid View and previewing it in the built-in browser window; generating an XML sample from a DTD schema and a DTD sample from an XML file DTD schema preview in the graphical Diagram window; on-demand and online validation for DTD schema and XML files
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XMLPad is a lightweight, feature-rich XML editor for Windows with syntax highlighting, XML formatting, and validation. It supports drag-and-drop, tree-view based XML editing, as well as XSLT/XSL transformation, XPath expression evaluation and schema validation. It also provides support for Unicode and full integration with the Windows clipboard.
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