XSplit Gamecaster

by SplitmediaLabs, Ltd

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SplitmediaLabs, Ltd

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92220

XSplit Gamecaster is an application that will become a loyal assistant to all gamers who like to "stream" the gameplay into the network. Today streaming services such as Twitch and Gaming Live gather huge audience of viewers, and the most popular streamers become some kind of "stars" of the network community. If at the dawn of the same Twich it was necessary to make significant efforts and possess some special knowledge to organize the broadcast, today, thanks to special software, anyone who has more or less powerful PCs can do "streaming". XSplit Gamecaster is exactly one of these solutions, which is in fact the most "advanced" of its kind, but it is distributed on a paid basis.

In order to start broadcasting the game from XSplit Gamecaster, it is necessary to create an account in the program itself, bind it to the account on streaming service and then directly from the graphical shell of the application to open the necessary game. That's all, the broadcast has begun, all that remains is to play and communicate with the audience. When you start the broadcast, Gamecaster selects the optimal settings for it, but if you want, you can specify them yourself, choosing the resolution of the image, the maximum FPS, bitrate, and so on. The program also knows how to work with the capture card, which is often used by professional streamers.

It was not done in the appendix and without the support of plugins. With their help you can display the Twitch chat on the broadcast screen, add a nice annotation when subscribing or donating to the viewer, and so on.

- allows you to start broadcasting on popular services in just a few clicks, while selecting the optimal settings;

- knows how to work with capture cards (in the trial version, this feature is disabled);

- supports plugins that can be used to diversify the broadcast;

- recognizes chromium when broadcasting images from a webcam;

- supports hotkey setting;

- saves the broadcast recordings to the hard drive.

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