Share files of any type for devices using the same WLAN connection

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Release: Zapya

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This is a data sharing application which allows users to share files with themselves or friends using a WLAN connection. It is compatible with iPhones, Androids, and PCs. It is free and does not use mobile data. Because it uses a WLAN connection, data that is shared is safe from outside threats. Using this software, files of any type can be shared between up to five people using five different devices. Since the software allows file sharing, it can be used to back up data from any iPhone, Android, or PC.


  • Free
  • The software does not use mobile data, and a wifi router is not required.
  • Share any type of file including (but not limited to) PDF, music, videos, and apps. The software does not limit the size of the files being shared.
  • Share with groups of up to five people.

Over 300 million people currently use Zapya for file sharing. The software provides a free platform to move data from one device to another over a shared wireless connection. Any type of file of any size can be shared.

Zapya is available in eleven different languages and interfaces with multiple platforms. It does not use mobile data, and a wireless router is not required.

To use this software on a PC, you must have Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher. Architecture requirements are ARM, x86, and integrated touch is listed as a minimum requirement.

The software was developed to assist users in sharing data in areas with poor or limited internet connectivity. It was listed as one of the Top 50 Best Apps by Global Mobile Internet, and it also received theĀ Individual Award for The Best Tools App of GMIC 2015.

I become tired of sharing files and videos as it became very slow to transfer until I met with Zapya. It helps to share the files in rapid fast speed. but highly effective in mobile to mobile sharing. But compared to other sharing tools its just below the share it.
This looks like a very handy app. It seems very user friendly. I like the fact that it can be activated by shaking your phone. Also that it can transfer entire folders to another device. The best part I would think, is being able to easily and quickly transfer the entire contents of your phone to a new device. It would make using a new phone less stressful to do.
Ryan L.
Zapya is a leading peer-to-peer file sharing software that allows users to transfer files of any size and type at lightning speeds without the need for an internet connection. It supports multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web. The app also features a variety of features such as group sharing, chat, media player, and more.
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