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Easy to use software tool that does all the necessary translation for you

Operating system: Windows


Release: Ace Translator 14

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ace Translator has the power of a machine to translate all your daily needs starting from web contents, emails, letters chat, paragraphs from books. Everything that you need is in reach.

The software offers translation between 65 different languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian and many others.

  • The product is very educational. Some countries use it as part of a teaching method to teach little children other languages.
  • The application does require the internet because it uses internet translation engines.
  • Easy to manage the software - you can cut and copy any type of document, you can save it and print it as well.
  • Ace Translator has a multilingual platform.
  • It's lightweight, so it's not going to consume too much of your resources.
  • It's a very fast program depending on the length of the source that you are trying to translate it will take no more than 10 seconds to translate a context.
  • You can open a variety of different formats of text with the software.
  • You do not need any experience, and every beginner can start using the program immediately.
  • It has a friendly and straightforward interface.
  • The main window of the product splits into 2 different sections. You can edit or add any other text to the current one.
  • It can help a lot of beginners to learn the different pronunciation of words.
  • All in all, the product is very reliable, comprehensive, and very useful.

You can download it for free and run a free trial for about 14 days to get a sense of what the software does and how it can be beneficial to your needs.

You do not need to do any configuration, just input the languages and let the software do everything else.
  • You do not need to do any configuration, just input the languages and let the software do everything else.
  • Works on any type of Windows so far.
Nick Ellis
I think the web site design could some work but the translation looks like it would serve purposes well
The Ace Translator is an educational product on a multilingual platform. The application does require internet usage but is easy to install and easy to use. No experience is needed for usage. The software offers more than 65 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian and even Japanese. Language is universal and so is our Ace Translator platform.
This software has so many different languages it can translate to and I have used it while learning different languages and it has proven to be effective and necessary. It does not take long after inputting a phrase or word to get a result back that is accurate.
Ace translation when installed can translate content in the languages chosen instead of copying and pasting sentences on google translate which is time consuming.
Fraser Mccune
Ace translator is a translator that helps you translate any text to 58 different different languages, English Spanish Russian Portuguese Polish and the rest within 5 seconds.
I have been using Ace Translator for about a month now and I just love how easy it is to copy and paste text to translate to any language I want. The most important feature about this is that it also implements grammar, better than Google's Translate, so it eliminates the need for you to check over your translation. 9/10
It is a translator software from any text. Mails are also translated. It supports many different languages. User friendly and easy to use.
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