by Stardock

Have a Mac like dock on a Windows computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stardock

Release: ObjectDock

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ObjectDock is an application from Stardock that allows you to have a Mac-like dock on a Windows computer. It's animated, highly customizable and very easy to use. It can also hide when not in use and reappears when you move your mouse to its position. ObjectDock can streamline the windows experience and essentially replace the Windows toolbar, making all your favorite apps easy to find and use. 


  • Highly Customizable - ObjectDock allows you to apply unique animated effects to icons when you mouse over them, you can also change their color, size, and position.
  • Multiple Docks - ObjectDock allows you to create as many docks as you need so you can store similar apps together in separate docks. switch between docks when using your computer for different tasks that require different programs operating. 
  • Drag and Drop Application Launching - drag a desktop file to the application which you wish to open it within your dock and the document will quickly open. For example, if you were to drag a word document from your desktop to the Microsoft Word program on your ObjectDock it would open the document automatically on Microsoft Word
  • Tabbed Docks - Categorize your desktop items even further by adding tabs to your docks, this allows you to store and organize related documents, images, programs and links in the same dock and switch between docks when switching tasks.

ObjectDock is the most popular animated dock for windows and its easy to see why. it has plenty of customization options and allows you to keep your desktop extremely organized. If you use your computer for various tasks, this app can make switching between them easy and seamless. ObjectDock is easy to download and light on resources and can really spruce up your computing environment.  

Sleek dock with a lot of customization options

ObjectDock is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8 

ObjectDock 1.2A (7.95 MB)
ObjectDock 2.0 (20.44 MB)
ObjectDock 2.1 (12.08 MB)
ObjectDock (12.08 MB)
Elle Jay
This is a really good app for people like me who grew up using Mac computers. Basically it allows you to install a "dock" like Macs have onto your Windows PC! It allows you several options for customization so you can have your desktop looking great n no time.
A easy to use application for Windows that gives your computer a MAC like dock, and allows you to customise your APPs, and store them in an efficient organised way. You can see why this software is so popular, it has tons of custom options, clear to use and very easy to navigate. This is one piece f software that will transform how yo manage your apps.
ObjectDock for Windows is a great program if you are a Mac user who now uses a Windows computer. It gives a sense of familiarity back as the dock within the Apple platform is a feature much miss when migrating to Windows. If you are missing that Mac feature download OpenDock and you'll enjoy using your PC again.
Christopher Santos
I feel like I'm in the future with ObjectDock! It makes it so much easier to access my commonly used programs, and it looks great too. My favorite part is that it's very customizable and you can make it look exactly how you want. Sometimes it is a bit laggy but that's not a huge issue.
This fancy program has lots of features for dock use. One of them is that it hides until you move your mouse. This access has multiple functions such as tab docking, special customization and drag and drop launching. If you like docks, then this software meets a need. The wows and the ziggers are pleasing to work enthusiasts. Tons of of applications in the right place.
Objectdock is a very good product. I can quickly access my different applications. I can also launch the applications quickly. I really love this product. I think your personal information is also safe here. One of my favorite features is it can hide when not in use and reappears again when you use it.
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