Anime Studio Debut Windows

by Smith Micro

Take your digital or analog artwork and make 2D animations from it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Smith Micro

Release: Anime Studio Debut Windows trial version

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This studio will teach you how to take your digital or analog artwork and make 2D animations from it. It is suitable for the novice to the more advanced user with a beginner's mode for those first learning the ropes of making their characters come to life.


  • Moho Anime Studio is an incredible educational resource with hundreds of educational videos and tutorials comparable classes costing as much as hundreds of dollars.
  • Learn at your own pace. Breeze through the things you know and feel free to spend time mastering the more intricate parts of the animation.
  • In addition to being a learning tool, Moho Anime studio is a fully fledged animation studio that was used in the creation of Oscar-nominated feature films The Breadwinner and Song of the Sea. This one piece of software can take you from complete novice to creating your own professional animations.
  • Import your own artwork including photos, video, and sounds, into your animations.
  • Auto voiceover sync removes hassle and tedium from adding dialog to your work and you can even add lip syncing to music.
  • Use bone tools to quickly animate a character. Much faster than traditional frame by frame animation.
  • Character wizard allows you to flesh out your world without spending too much time on creating ancillary characters
  • Begin by importing your original artwork from a variety of sources including analog and digital files. Not only does this software include hundreds of instructional videos with tutorials tips on how to take your ideas from stationary to kinetic, but it also includes a variety of tools to help remove some of the drudgery involved in animating.

Moho Anime Studio for Windows is a complete tutorial for the aspiring animator to one day create professional 2D animations as well as offering plenty of useful tools to simplify the lives of those already familiar with 2D animation including enhanced freehand drawing tools, a content library and layering system to easily keep track of source material, video motion tracking, bone tools for easy character creation, and slick output options in a variety of popular web formats including .avi, .mov, and Adobe Flash. These formats are commonly used on sites like Facebook, Youtube, and everywhere across the web. Anime Studio has something for everyone no matter their level of expertise.

Evolve your artistic skills with this powerful, flexible, and simple to use program to easily create 2D animations.
Angela Rogers
I love drawing and always wanted to get into animation. I downloaded this progam and was able to animate my drawings in minutes. It was super easy and fun to use. I am really happy that I found Anime Studio Debut.
Bob Johnson
This is educational software that provides hundreds of videos at a fraction of a cost to tutoring. Takes beginners to advanced animation creators in one course. Product includes: importing your own artwork, auto voiceover, bone tools to quickly animated scenes. This is a full 2d animation suite with a ton of tools.
Kian Wofford
Anime Studio Debut Windows is a product developed by Smith Micro, Inc.,. Anime Studio is the finished answer for effectively making kid's shows, anime or cut-out livelinesss! Make your own livelinesss for film, video or sharing on the web. Draw your own work of art, import computerized photographs, include sound and video and make characters talk with worked in lip-synchronizing.
If you consider yourself an anime extraordinaire, then check out Anime Studio Debut! This animation software tool allows you to make your own anime, but if anime isn't your thing it will also let you make your own cartoons. It even has the capabilities to support 2D movie creation. You can make your own shorts by selecting which template you want to use and follow. It's also so simple to get up and running in the interface because Anime Studio Debut provides a Beginner's Mode to help you learn.
This animation software allows you to import your hand-sketched drawings so it's really great to work with your hand-drawn stuff on a computer. Its vector tool also allows you to draw with ease and the best possible results. The bone tools are very useful as it can animate your characters by making their skeleton. You can also record audio and add sounds to give life to your animated characters. It really helps when you are trying to work with multiple layers.
Anime Studio Debut is a creativity suite for Microsoft Windows. It helps you to create awesome anime-style digital drawings. It allows you to do vector-based drawing to simplify the creation of shapes and features the Revolutionary Bone Rigging system that takes the work out of tedious traditional animation. As an experienced animator, I can say that this suite has really helped to improve the speed and quality of my work and enabled me to hone my craft. I love drawing with this software. Highly recommended, do yourself a favor and try it out!
Wow! This product is amazing and they are selling quickly. This product is so good if you love anime and cartoons this product allow you to put your imagination into it. You can create your characters anyway you want (size, shape, color). It is all in one software when you can adjust the motion, add sound, sound effects, and it gives you the option to see your preview work. This software will help you create your own tv show anime/cartoons.
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