A fun program for animators to create cartoons to be shared with their friends

Operating system: Windows

Release: CreaToon 2.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CreaToon is an animation program that beginner users can easily pick up and start animating with. It can be a little tricky to learn as it requires outside resources and doesn't come with full instructions.

The first thing you'll need to create animations in CreaToon is graphics files. CreaToon doesn't allow you to create these graphics directly within it so you'll have to create them in another program. Once you do have these graphics created you can simply import them into CreaToon and start animating from there!

You can animate each graphic individually or you can join them together. This could be fun for creating a character where only certain parts move at once or all the parts move together if it's walking. There are a lot of fun special effects you can add to your cartoon directly through CreaToon which will make it look a lot more interesting!

For more advanced animators there are a large number of features you can customize such as the number of frames per second and the width and height. This can help you create a more realistic animation if that's what you're going for. Or a more cartoony animation if that's what you're going for. Either way, the results would be amazing! Best of all CreaToon automatically saves your work every five minutes so even if your computer crashes you'll never lose too much of your hard work!

CreaToon has toolbars which you can easily go through to set the program exactly the way you want it. They're arranged intuitively and neatly so you'll never have trouble finding what you're looking for!

CreaToon requires Windows to run and is completely free. So it's worth checking it out to see what fun and new features it has. You may end up liking it so much that it becomes your go-to tool of choice!

CreaToon comes with a large number of fun filters and effects built in!
Ricky Brown
This is a fun program. I really enjoyed using it. I can animate anything i want with it. This works best with another program that you create your pictures with. Its super easy to use once you got your drawings ready. Id recommend Creatoon to anyone!
Jack Bo
The Creatoon program has a lot going for it over time. The developers have created a bunch of tools that can be tried out by users. This software is easily installed and people want to secure some support for it. The team wants to see more people try it out over time. The most recent updates have put Creatoon at its 3.0 version. That includes a lot of fun features, including some coloring tools for use. Get familiar with the project and how it can be tested by new users. That appeals to smart users who want to create cartoons through the program. First, it helps to catch up with some recent developments. The dev team is constantly working on new features for the program. They also want to ensure that Creatoon will run appropriately on any computer. That is why user reviews are so important for these people. Reviews are posted for Creatoon by a lot of users these days. That allows the dev team to take some feedback into consideration. They appreciate all of the helpful feedback that has been issued so far for them. New users are welcome to provide some added reviews and other forms of feedback to them in time. The cost of the program is actually free for new users. Be sure to try out the program to learn all about it over time. Creatoon is worth a new look and that adds to the experience people will enjoy. Download the file and install the program at no extra cost. That should appeal to a diverse array of new users in the world. Creatoon is popular and has seen some widespread usage among people. The updates are worth a look by some users. They can add to their newfound experience too.
Leo Bryan
CreaToon allows for easy and intuitive animation. It's main focus is on allowing anybody to create an animation, since other animation programs require years of experience. I like how it has tool-tips that give you feedback on whatever you do, this is especially good for beginners!
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