by Mark Russinovich

A system that displays important information about the computer in the background saving you time.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mark Russinovich

Release: BGInfo v4.27

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product offers a quick shortcut for people that work on multiple computers and require regular upgrading and checking of system information. The BGInfo (for Windows) is a great way to save time and go through numerous computers that you are working on without having to always go through numerous windows to find out the necessary system information to continue. 


  • Important information such as computer IP, service pack version, computer name, and more
  • Edit all fields to suit your needs
  • Change background and font colors
  • Can be loaded upon boot of the computer or placed on the background.

All in all, this is a great download for people working on multiple computers and requiring relevant information such as IP address, and more, on a regular basis. It saves time in looking up this information by presenting it in an easy to see the place where you can edit all relevant to your job information so you don't waste time clicking through windows to find it. 

Save time in finding relevant information about the system of a computer.
BGInfo v4.27 (0.38 MB)
BGInfo 4.16 (0.38 MB)
I use my desktop all time. But when I want to walk around I use my laptop or tablet. This is a great tool for someone lie me...someone who does a lot of the same work on different machines throughout the day.
good for people who works in multiple computers.I would recommend this
Tyler Somerville
BGInfo becomes a handy tool when managing multiple computers, from automatically displaying relevant information about your Windows PC, like computer name, IP address, and service pack version. It sounds like a complex system, however it really isn't. The BGInfo, personally, I would recommend it for anyone doing IT work and is functioning multiple computer operating systems at once for maximum performance.
Each and every time you boot you get all the system info for your device using this software and even better it allows you to keep the long-running systems to date by creating a scheduler that runs this software often. You independently select the location where this info will be displayed and even the background color. It is amazing that you don't have to go through a whole process to get system info. Thank you BGInfo!!!!!
This is good software, with nice appearance buttons, configuration menu. The command-line option is exceptional. The app seems to be easy to use, effective, and reliable. The display for the app in the background is good. BgInfo is generally a nice app from the look, easily available, and makes work easy when using. I like the software very much, I could prefer using this software to any other.
BGInfo for Windows is great for individuals who are using multiple computers at once. This system automatically displays important information about the computer such as the IP address and computer name, plus more. This information is easy to locate and see on the computer's desktop. The best part is that you can edit what information about the computer you want to see on the desktop. The system itself is user-friendly and understandable.
BGInfo displays information about your Windows PC, such as IP address, computer name, and service pack information, on your desktop’s background. When BGInfo is placed in your startup folder, it will help ensure that important system information is accurate and up to date. You can also ensure that long-running systems are accurate by running BGInfo on a regular schedule (you can use Windows Scheduler for this).
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