Coc Coc

by Coc Coc Company Limited

A versatile and free web browser for computers and mobile devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Coc Coc Company Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Coc Coc is another browser on Chromium from Vietnamese developers. Those who have worked with browsers on this engine, will find in Coc Coc Coc a familiar interface, and the rest of them will certainly appreciate the advantages inherent in all Chromium-browsers. These include: support for extensions, high page loading speed, Incognito mode, visual bookmarks, support for synchronization of settings between several devices and, of course, support for the vast majority of modern web standards. Coc Coc Coc has all these advantages.

Among the unique features of the browser it is necessary to allocate support of multithreaded download of files. And, unlike the same Chrome, downloads in Coc Coc are not canceled when closing the program window. The download can be resumed the next time you start the browser. The browser can also be used as a torrent client.

Another useful feature that Vietnamese developers have been able to implement is the ability to bypass various regional restrictions of sites. Unfortunately, in the CIS countries, this function works with variable success because of the proximity of the servers. So be prepared for a significant reduction in surfing speed when using it. The developers also claim that the local spell checker works much more accurately and faster than in other browsers based on Chromium. From our experience of using these words, the truth is in these words.

You can download and use the browser for free.

- is based on the Chromium engine with all the benefits that follow;

- includes an advanced spell check function;

- knows how to bypass regional restrictions;

- can be used as a torrent client;

- allows you to pause and resume downloads after restarting the program;

- supports extensions for Chrome.

Coc Coc is a very useful browser addon, I'm glad I stumbled upon it. It has let me access multiple region locked sites and the multi threading features really sped up my browser on some sites. This extension comes with a high recommendation from me!
Coc Coc is a browser that has a ton of cool features. It automatically highlights download links whenever they're around, which is useful for those sites where a download link is hidden around forty buttons that look like what you're actually trying to download. Not sure why, but the downloads seem faster than other browsers. It's also got a built-in ad-block function, which I really appreciate. It's not as popular as other browsers, but I think it's one of the best.
Coc Coc is used to download movies and music very faster way , this software very secure and safe ,application is free to download and more fast ,portable one. user interface is very friendly ,i am download it and using this application much better than other software, so please download it and enjoy well.
COC COC is a browser with automatic pop-up menu. Here the languages can be switched over one another easily. Even the buttons are super fast to access. Once the browser start you may notice the social media icons listed automatically. Completely it is too fare.
I love using Coc Coc for Windows because it's a program that makes it fun to surf the Internet with a smooth and seamless experience. As soon as it launches, it pulls up key social media sites so you have instant access to your friends and family. I also love that the browser offers instant translation between foreign languages so you'll never be stuck on a website wondering what it says again.
A program that transforms my web browsing experience. It has social media platforms built right into the browser, which means you can check all of your favorites right from the homepage as soon as you launch Coc Coc. That definitely makes it much more efficient to browse and scroll through Instagram and Facebook.
This software is used for the downloading the video and the beat of the video. They are available in both the windows and the mobile applications. It can be downloaded in both the 32/64 bit versions operating systems. The videos that are downloaded from the application is very safe and secured and they are stored in the files that are created for the application separately.
I love using Coc Coc for Windows because it's a program that lets me navigate around the web with incredible speed. I no longer need to wait forever for files to download from the Internet since Coc Coc has totally optimized the performance of my web browser such that I can accomplish tasks on the Internet about five times faster than before.
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