by Orbitum LLC

A web browser with built in chat and sharing features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Orbitum LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Orbitum is a modern Internet browser, which is sure to be appreciated by the regulars of social networks. Its key feature is the built-in chat, which allows you to communicate with your friends without being on your Facebook, Odnoklassniki or VKontakte page. That is, Orbitum users have the opportunity to do their own business by replying periodically to the messages sent, without getting stuck in the news feed or on a randomly opened page. This approach saves a lot of time and keeps you connected. The program is built on the engine from Google Chrome, because it is similar to a browser from the search giant, both externally and in terms of functionality. It is important that Orbitum supports almost all extensions and applications developed under "Chrome". There is also a proprietary "hybrid" search string, download manager, support for visual bookmarks, the ability to group tabs and other distinctive features inherent in browsers created on the basis of Chromium. Orbitum is also characterised by high page loading speed, constant updates and low system requirements.

- includes a built-in chat for Facebook, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte social networks;

- has a very simple and convenient graphical interface;

- supports add-ons and applications for Chrome;

- combines the URL input string with the search string;

- supports hotkey setting;

- includes convenient bookmark managers from downloads;

- supports tab grouping;

- You can synchronize bookmarks and other unnecessary data through your Google account;

- allows you to surf the Internet in Incognito mode;

- is characterized by a high speed of web page loading.

This seems like a neat one stop shop for all your social media chat needs but acts and is essentially a browser if I'm understanding the description. I like the idea of having one place for all my social media connections and I can definitely see the allure of not having to have 50 tabs open to communicate between platforms.
Orbitum is a very useful social browser for users of different social networks, especially Facebook, VKontakte, and are interested in using the integrated instant messaging window to chat with friends
Orbitum for Windows is a web browser with a chat bot that can be connected to your Facebook! So it not only provides you with regular chat bot functionality, you do not need to access Facebook to reply to your Facebook messages. I'm sure that can be handy for some people.
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