by DigiSigner

Secure binding electronic signature

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DigiSigner

Release: DigiSigner 3.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DigiSigner is an online electronic signature software which makes signing and sharing documents digitally. The software is designed to help companies and parties involved in all industries to sign and share their documents securely and faster online. The software is very useful for remote contractors, companies working on the global scale, and all types of documents that cannot be reached by all parties in the same exact location. In a global and now very digital world, DigiSigner allows for parties all across the world reach the same document within minutes closing deals, contracts and agreements fast and securely. The pricing depends on the monthly subscription and the free subscription allows for sending 3 documents per month. Digisigner is also equipped with a tutorial to her companies get started including tutorials that help with signature creation, sending out documents for signing, using fields in your documents, using temples, creating signing links, and setting up custom branding.


  • The software can be used in all types of industries including Real Estate, Human Resources, Legal, and for small businesses.
  • Documents can be uploaded onto server secured with a firewall and advanced encryption, the document is then signed by the uploader, and then the same document can be shared and sent to other parties involved online.
  • The documents are legally binding, can be recognized in court, and the data is safely secured with encryption.
  • The software is quick and easy to use, and thus removes the hassle of transporting and sending official documents. Signers can complete forms within minutes without the obstacle of distance.

In conclusion, DigiSigner is a fast, efficient, legal and modern way for all types of industries to do business. Singing and sending documents is now faster and more secure helping people in all industries become more efficient in closing deals and finishing projects. 

Allows for access to documents securely for all parties involved thus minimizing time for all parties to sign the document.
DigiSigner 2.0.1 (3.8 MB)
DigiSigner 2.3 (4.08 MB)
DigiSigner 2.3.3 (4.24 MB)
DigiSigner 3.3.4 (6.48 MB)
Al Snow
I run a small business, and DigiSigner has been a lifesaver for me. Converting all of my paperwork to digital has cut down on printer costs a lot, and I feel good about saving the polar bears too. Plus, customers like the convenience of being able to send formal agreements over email rather than fax or snail mail.
Being able to reliably watermark my documents has been a struggle until I tried DigiSigner for Windows. This is a great tool for signing your PDF documents and it also acts as a PDF viewer. The signatures are even recognized by Adobe Reader adding an extra layer of legitimacy to your ownership of the file. There is also an option to invisibly sign PDF documents from a simple menu by right-clicking which is a really convenient feature of DigiSigner for Windows.
DigiSigner is easy to use, free software for signing PDF documents digitally. Just think of how useful this is in today's day an age given Covid-19! With tons of features that increase productivity and allowed for private or commercial use, It's hard to pass up on DigiSigner for all your digital document needs at home or in the office!
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