Gamma Panel

Adjust the screen brightness, contrast and gamma settings in real-time

Operating system: Windows

Release: Gamma Panel

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Last revision: Last week

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The Gamma Panel (for Windows) lets you adjust your screen in real-time. You can change more than just the brightness of your display screen. It can adjust the gamma and contrast along with the ability to allow each channel of color including red, green and blue to be modified together or individually. Another valuable feature of gamma panel is that you can create a profile that is activated with a pre-defined hotkey. It works with Windows 7 & 8, and 10. That means you can set up a key on your phone that you would be able to push and switch to your "night" profile.

The program is very simple. It is always available in the taskbar and it is there when you need it. You can choose different profile settings in two different ways. First is by pressing the hot-key combination that you assigned to the profile or you can select the entry from the popup menu. The profile you select the last is auto-populated on the next app or program that you start running. It's great being able to efficiently and quickly dim your LCD monitor with a very user-friendly app for night browsing. It makes it so much easier that manually adjusting your screen from your laptop. It is so much easier to have your software to take care of it.

Gamma Panel is very helpful for you to be able to change the properties of your screen when a program is being run on a full screen and if you don't want to interrupt the game. It is also simple and fast to download and install.

You can operate the application even while running another app in the background.

It works with Windows programs and isn't hard to navigate. Overall, the Gamma Panel (for Windows) is very functional and easy to use. Gamma panel is easy to maintain and use. 

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Mike Johnson
The Gamma Panel, available for Windows 7, 8, and 10 in the taskbar, allows users to experience a variety of features. Users can adjust the brightness of the computer's display screen. The gamma can be changed along with the contrast. Also, each color channel can adjusted either together or individually, giving great flexibility for users in terms of adjusting the screen. Another great feature is that profiles can be created with a pre-defined hotkey.
Now you can change all of your screen settings in real time just by using this program. Adjust brightness, gamma and contrast, as well as the individual red, green, and blue settings. Simple and convenient and so much easier than navigating through settings to change.
Murray Miramontes
Gamma Panel is a very useful tool to modify the properties of your computer screen when an application is being run with the whole screen and you don't want to interrupt the reproduction or game that is running.
we can manually adjust our screen brightness and contrast and also gamma feature more than our monitor features it can help to see pictures which were taken in the darkness very simple to use and it doesn't consume too much storage and it won't affect our monitor quality and doesn't affect our eyes
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