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This product protects home users against ransomware, malware, exploits, data theft, phishing, and more

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sophos Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HitmanPro.Alert is a program that uses the cloud to protect users from cyberattacks, prevent data collection in online payments, and search for infected files and processes in computer memory. This solution effectively fights autoloading viruses, exploits, encrypted threats, online fodder and keyloggers. It is a very useful tool, which is recommended to be used in conjunction with a conventional antivirus. A complete replacement for the last HitmanPro.Alert is not.

You do not need to install the software on your computer to start scanning. All you have to do is click on the executable file, select "Scan computer" and wait for the results window. It will tell you if there are any infections on your computer and will also give you a complete list of files recommended for deletion. Sometimes there will be files in this list that are not necessarily malicious, but deleting them can affect the performance of installed programs.

In addition to being used as a virus scanner, HitmanPro.Alert can also operate in the background, protecting the user in online payments and web surfing in general. All popular browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Comodo Dragon, Maxthon, Pale Moon, Avant Browser, SRWare Iron and others. Unfortunately, you can only use the program in both modes for one month for free, then you will be asked to purchase a license. As a free alternative, we recommend the AdwCleaner program.

- uses cloud technology to protect against cyberattacks and web threats;

- detects keyloggers, Trojans and encrypted threats;

- prevents data theft in online payments;

- makes a list of suspicious files and processes;

- works with all popular web browsers.

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HitmanPro.Alert is a executable software that has a option to select " Scan computer " and all the viruses that is loaded in the files will be listed below. It protects your computer from viruses and also protects from safe payments in online.to put in simple words it is a virus scanner and also supports all popular browsers.
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HitmanPro.Alert is a cybersecurity tool that help users protect their data when using payment services on websites. The software can also scan for infected files on your computer. No installation is required to install the software. This software is not meant to replace anti-virus software but rather as an accompaniment to it.
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I started with the free trial, and quickly realized that this software was awesome! Everything was easy to set up and get rolling. After a few days I stepped up and just bought the full version. My pc's are much happier and perform lightning fast again. All malware is tracked down and removed with ease. Thank you HitmanPro, from me and my network. We are all running smooth again.
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Harris Sitto

HitmanPro.Alert is a powerful security and privacy protection tool that provides real-time protection against the latest malware, ransomware, and other advanced threats. It uses advanced behavioural detection technology to identify and block malicious processes before they can cause harm. It also includes protection against malicious websites and downloads, as well as proactive anti-exploit technology to protect against zero-day threats. HitmanPro.Alert also helps protect your privacy by blocking data-stealing Trojans and unwanted tracking cookies.
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HitmanPro.Alert software is a highly efficient security solution for Windows. It provides real-time protection against malicious threats and exploits. It is lightweight and unobtrusive, and can run in the background without slowing down your system. The on-demand scan is also very fast and thorough. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use. The software also includes a variety of tools such as a file shredder and a secure browser. It has a wide range of settings to customize the level of security you want. I found the customer support team to be very helpful and responsive. Overall, HitmanPro.Alert software is a great option for protecting your system from malicious threats.
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Ollie Gilberto

HitmanPro Alert is a great tool for protectinng your computer from malicous threats.
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Mason Martinaz

HitmanPro.Alert provides comprehensive protection from ransomware and other threats.
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HitmanPro.Alert is a security software that protects your computer from malware attacks, including ransomware, banking Trojans, and exploits. It uses behavioral-based analysis to detect and block threats in real-time, and it also includes anti-phishing and anti-keylogging features. The software can also protect your online banking and shopping activities, as well as your webcam and microphone from unauthorized access. HitmanPro.Alert is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be used in conjunction with other antivirus software.
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HitmanPro.Alert is a software that provides advanced protection against malware, ransomware, and other online threats.
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