Go inside your WiFi to diagnose problems and optimize WiFi function

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inSSIDer windows software is a free download that enables you to literally see inside your WiFi network and even view all around your network. 

  • Discover WiFi problems
  • Optimize WiFi function
  • Quick troubleshooting process
  • User-friendly
  • Monitor signal strength
  • Analyze surrounding networks

WiFi networks can experience a number of different problems and can be downright chaotic at times. Not knowing what is wrong with your network can be frustrating and can lead to unnecessary costs such as internet company tech visits or perhaps replacing a router or modem. The inSSIDer program goes inside your WiFi network where the human eye can not see where it effectively and efficiently can diagnose a number of network problems such as signal strength and interference from other networks.  This program will evaluate all of the networks around you and evaluate their settings as well. This will help you determine what is going on with your network. Once you know what is wrong within your WiFi network, it is then easy to get your WiFi functioning properly. 

This program not only can diagnose problems but also optimize WiFi function. It will monitor your signal strength over time and go so far as to provide a graph of your function. This will allow you to see when problems are occurring. To give you an excellent example of how this would be useful, consider the case of random internet dropping. When your internet drops and you do not know why, it is a very frustrating experience and can lead to calls to the internet company, unnecessary tech visits and perhaps a replaced router or modem. With inSSIDer, all you have to do is check your graph over the time frame in question and you will quickly be able to get down to the bottom of your problem. This program offers necessary support and peace of mind.  Truly, with a program like inSSIDER, there is no need to remain in the dark when it comes to your WiFi. 

The ablility to see where the human eye can not see, finding potential problems or finding the cause of current problems so they can be fixed.
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I think this product is an excellent idea for those people that are not familiar with technology. The ability to be able to see exactly what is wrong with your WiFi will allow problems to be solved faster and allow people to communicate more efficiently and accurately with their WiFi providers.
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Noah Aguirre

This software allows you to access the health of your WiFi connection at all times. It can help you solve connectivity issues and other minor problems.
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Hamish Y*****w

inSSIDer is a free Wi-Fi network scanner for Windows, macOS, and Linux that helps users quickly and easily identify the best channels for their networks, detect security problems, and find the best placement for their Wi-Fi access points. It offers a detailed view of nearby networks, including signal strength, security settings, and more.
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Alexander C********h

I recently had the chance to try out inSSIDer software and I must say that I was really impressed. It was a great tool for managing my wireless network and helped me detect and diagnose any issues I was having. The user interface was really intuitive and made it easy for me to quickly identify any problems with my network. It also had a nice feature to show me all the nearby networks, which made it easier to pick the best one for my needs. All in all, it was a great experience.
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Luke O.

1. inSSIDer is a great software to detect and diagnose wireless networks in the vicinity. 2. It provides detailed information about each network such as signal strength, SSID, security type and MAC address. 3. It can detect hidden networks and also offers the possibility to save your scanned data. 4. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. 5. It allows you to troubleshoot wireless connection problems. 6. It provides a signal strength chart which is helpful for finding the best location for your router. 7. The software is free and does not require installation. 8. It supports a variety of wireless adapters for Windows and Mac OS. 9. It can be used to optimize the performance of your wireless network. 10. It is a great tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting wireless networks.
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Cameron Lipowski

inSSIDer is a great too for troubleshooting wireless netwoks, however it can be quite tricky to use at times, especiall when you are not familar with it yet.
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