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Graph and troubleshoot networking information

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pingman Tools

Release: PingPlotter trial version

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PingPlotter allows you to monitor network issues by continuously gathering network info, and allows you to capture and graph traceroute and other networking information.


  • Allows continuous network issue monitoring by watching your networks even when you're not active there to see the issues.
  • Includes tools to take a deep dive into your network performance issues.
  • Allows you to analyze your networking data, including the data gathered from other users on your network.
  • Gives you the ability to get alerts from your router if there are any changes, and lets you see if the issues are related to a given network path.
  • Lets you look at various types of packets such as UDP, TCD, etc.
  • You can still monitor your network consistently even when there's an IP change by using Dynamic DNS.

PingPlotter is a complex, in-depth networking software package that gives the user a lot of capability and freedom to check network performance and troubleshoot any issues.

It allows you to continuously monitor your network so you can find issues even when you aren't there.

Using capabilities like Dynamic DNS to watch for IP changes, you can tackle even complex issues with constantly changing IP addresses. You can get alerts from changes to the routers on your network, check for devices that were added to your network without your permission, and find and look at any route changes, and you can do all of this with different types of packets.

In addition to those basic troubleshooting procedures, you can also do a deep dive into your network's performance and any issues that might arise. Advanced graphing capabilities can be used to view your network's performance over time or in specific areas, and get email alerts if the network performance isn't up to the level that you're looking for. The visualizations given will show you every hop on the network between your devices, and you can use that information to get a better look at where the packets are going, see any unexpected network traffic information, and get a solid understanding of exactly how your network is performing versus your own expectations.

All of the performance monitoring can run in the background so it doesn't block your view or distract other users on your machine and keeps working even if you log out of your Windows account. 

Supports Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Server 2008/2012/2016, for both 32 and 64 bit. 

Requires 55mb hard drive space, 1GB ram, 1Ghz (or faster) processor, and requires .net framework to be installed.

Deserae Leach
With PingerPlotter, you can monitor your network away from home. You can preform trace route, capture, and other functions to acquire network information. This app allows continuous monitoring in order for you to identify issues, all without being active. You can analyze your network data from users on your network and tell your router when there are changes. You can get information on UDP, TCP, and many other packets, even when there are changes to your IP when using Dynamic DNS. Although this app is a very in depth app, it gives you the most independence when it comes to your networking needs.
PingPlotter is a great tool for monitoring your network. You can perform many options and do not have to be present to do so, which is a great benefit if you are travelling or otherwise remote. This is a comprehensive network tool that can be used for many different admin functions.
Cooper Winston
To test the availability of a network device, the PRTG PING tester sends an ICMP packet to the ECHO REPLY port of a server and waits for a result. Only if the returned packet still has the same data content the sensor's result is ok.
PingPlotter is a tool that will help you determine what the route is from your computer to a target. It will also help you identify metrics that reveal how your device is performing so you can spot where any issues with your network are coming from. Ultimately, it has a really easy to use interface that still provides the substance that any professional is looking for.
PingPlotter for Windows is a network troubleshooting software. It allows monitoring of a network and offers a better experience to the network engineer as they are able to plot the entire network or map it for troubles. It has alert systems and a windows service that enables tracing of latency measurements in milliseconds visually making it easier for troubleshooting network mishaps. PingPlotter for Windows creates visuals for data across multiple targets helping in the monitoring performance of data across different infrastructures this enables individuals find and resolve issues in the network as they arise.
it helps people who uses the share market and who works at the data mining database when we need more than a data it helps to give visualized reference for who uses data mining it can help to give pin point accurate data and it is highly recommended for those people
PingPlotter for Windows is the best graph ping and traceroute software app with a new version just released 09-04-2020. PingPlotter is a software suite of network management tools. It maps a route from your computer to your target site. This app will help find the source of many network problems. It can automatically select the final hop as your default and fix many of your "bugs".
pingplotter is a great way to get insight into your network, bandwidth, and latency issues. It can identify network congestion, packet loss with an easy to use interface. It is easy to use and it can easily pinpoint issues on the graph so you can troubleshoot quickly. I would highly recommend it for small business. It can create alerts so if something happens to your network, you can find out instantly.
This great software enhances the effectiveness of the network. It troubleshoots the network for windows which makes it work much faster. With its flexible data storage, network interface card, route monitoring, and its 3rd party integration features; the software is worth every penny spent to get it. I recommend it for everyone to try it out and see how efficient it is. It doesn't lag while on operation. It loads much faster.
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