by Thinksky

An application that allows users to manage their iOS devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thinksky

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iTools is designed to simplify file management on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. It supports the latest versions of iOS and Apple's device versions. The application requires iTunes installed to work. A huge advantage of the program is that it works with devices without "jailbreak".

After starting iTools, the Welcome screen will appear with detailed information about the connected device. The Media Library window displays lists of music, movies, videos, and other content. All this information can be copied to a computer along with lyrics, tags and covers. The Photo section shows pictures and photos that can be transferred between the PC and the connected device. The iBooks section contains e-books. The Applications tab displays the installed games and programs. After startup, iTools synchronizes with iTunes and displays all the applications it contains. Any games and programs can be updated, deleted or saved to a computer using iTools. The Desktop tab is responsible for organizing applications and creating folders, and Live Desktop allows you to record what is happening on the Device screen.

- support for the latest versions of iOS;

- support for devices with and without jailbreaks;

- Installing, uninstalling, backing up and updating applications

- media management

- Import/export of any files

- the ability to convert mp3 to m4r (ringtone file);

- Convert video to mp4 format when copying to the device.

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Many users would like to have this software because it can simplify file management on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. And it supports the latest versions of iOS and Apple's device versions.
this software works for all ios device and works without jailbreak devices which is an advantage. it is simply nice which can help u support latest ios version.iTOOLs is simple awesome!
iTools is a great tool to simplify all of your apple devices. Manage all your files in one place and be able to easily transfer onto your PC.iTools syncs all your i systems so all your information is in one place.
This is an ideal tool for creating backups of the iPhone, iPad, and also keeping your data safe in case if the device is lost. The best thing about this app is, this software makes everything easy for me because z it doesn't require complicated steps. Highly recommended!
this product is so useful, it works on my iPhone and also on my PC, it has also multiple languages and you can list your ebooks and also other media files . it has also the ability to uninstall applications directly from its modern and easy-to-use interface.
iTools provides a wide variety of features regarding your iPhone when linked to your computer. My favourite feature includes the ability to backup and restore data for your iPhone in the case of losing data. Additionally, the air play feature allows you to stream your phone's display to the desktop, enabling you to show tv shows, games, etc on your monitor. Overall, the software is effective in its purpose and it's free making it even better.
I was looking for software that would help me manage my iphone and ipad. I downloaded the perfect software for that and it's free. iTools for Windows lets me download photos, videos, and music between my phone and computer. It makes transfer of data so simple. This really is a no hassle piece of software. It has made my digital life so much easier.
iTools for Windows is a software that lets you organize all of your iOS devices in a manner comparable to iTunes, but now it incorporates a few additional and fascinating capabilities while removing some of the Apple program's more bothersome aspects. To begin using the application, link all of your Apple devices to your Windows PC, i.e. iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad. Once linked, you can quickly organize all of your stuff in a manner that is somewhere between iTunes' flexibility and Windows Explorer's simplicity. iTools is not only a good software recommended for all but also an intriguing alternative to iTunes, whose major advantage is that you can carry it with you and use it off a USB stick without having to install it.
This software is pretty cool, it allows you to hide your true location on your phone if you're concerned about being tracked. It also allows you to easily transfer data to and from your computer and phone. It is compatible with the latest iPhone/iPad and supported by Windows XP, Vista, 8.1, and 10. If you want to make your iPhone compatible with your PC, I recommend you give this app a try.
Reece Santorella
iTools is a free application developed by ThinkSky Software for Mac and Windows users. It is a free app that provides users with a variety of tools for managing their mobile devices, including file transfer, data backup, and device tracking. It also features file and data recovery, system cleaning, and a variety of other features.
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