by KeyLemon S.A.

Allows your devices to recognize your face instead of using a traditional password

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KeyLemon S.A.

Release: KeyLemon 2.7.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KeyLemon is a software program that offers a key feature in securing your devices, be it PC, tablet or laptop.  It is able to accomplish this by ditching the traditional password being a set of numbers, symbols, and capitalization by using a new technology that is able to recognize your face and unlock your device.

A key feature that KeyLemon boasts is the ability to remember your face for all your log-ins, which is much faster than having to type a long arduous phrase every time, and certainly faster than having to scan your face every time you want to log in. A great benefit to those interested in KeyLemon is that it comes free! There is no need to spend any money on the official download of the software, which is presumably to help spread awareness of their brand and what else they have in mind with future updates or new software to come. It is a quality of life software that makes logging into your devices much simpler, and, if you have elderly using devices, it can certainly ease their world by not having to remember passwords and instead just have KeyLemon recognize and remember who they are. KeyLemon's development team consists of several experts in cybersecurity and per the KeyLemon official website, have been pioneers in this kind of technology for over a decade.

Being the companies main focus, you can expect KeyLemon to work efficiently and be a lasting program you will undoubtedly recommend to friends who are also looking to improve the security of their personal information. With no hardware requirements, KeyLemon works on nearly all versions of Windows to exist, as well as working on Macintosh computers as well.

With KeyLemon, you do not have to remember long passwords, because your face is your password.

In summary, KeyLemon provides a leap in security for your devices using your face as a password instead of traditional numerics, which mean you can be sure the only one who has access to your information, is you yourself. 

KeyLemon 1.2.3 (1.8 MB)
KeyLemon 2.7.1 (44.14 MB)
Rebecca Johnson
I am notorious for forgetting my passwords. There are so many to remember and when you do not use them often, it is so easy to forget. This product uses face recognition to sign you in with a saved password. This is amazing and so helpful. I am pretty sure this will save many from being locked out of their accounts!
KeyLemon is a new software program designed and developed to replace the typical traditional way people have secured their devices. Face recognition came first for phones, but now with the help of KeyLemon, you can use facial recognition for your home PC! Works on most Windows systems as well as Macintosh. Developers promise itll be around for years to come!
I've always gotten tired of constantly having to enter long passwords to log into my things. With this software, I am so happy and save so much time.
KeyLemon is a recognition software for Windows which is free to download. It utilizes facial recognition to secure your login to protect your device so that only you are able to log in to your account. It also works for Mac users and is quite simple and elegant to use and set up. When multiple users utilize the device, this software takes each account into account.
Matthew Jorgenson
This product will ensure your security while using a computer with multiple other people using the same computer. This is going to be perfect for any situations that needs to keep data specific to certain users. The best part is it will sign you in to your account just by your face! And for all those forgetful ones, it will lock anytime you go away from the computer as well, just in case!
KeyLemon is a very niche but fun piece of software which isn't that popular for Windows oddly. It's pretty simple, the software allows you to log on to your Windows account by just using your face like smartphones do. If you even have several users, the software automatically logs you into the correct account too, ensuring security. The software even tracks your face day by day, so when your face changes you will still be logged into your account and not be seen as a stranger. It's simple to set up, small file size and quicker than typing a password constantly.
KeyLemon for Windows is software to make your device more secure because it recognizes your face in order to grant you access to your laptop desktop phone or any other device
I can unlock my computer with my face. Yes, that's ona Windows machine. I downloaded KeyLemon for Windows and feel so much more secure. I don't have to worry about losing my password. All I needed to do was download the software and create my face model. After that, when I sit down it front of my computer, it unlocks and I am logged in. Life is so much simpler with KeyLemon. When I get up to leave, it automatically locks my computer. Talk about security.
Installing KeyLemon doesn't take long, and getting it up and running isn't difficult at all. After installation, you'll be able to record your face with your camera, and KeyLemon will utilize the face on file to authenticate you the next time you log in to Windows. This software title has a long way to go before it becomes worthwhile to switch from your conventional type-in password system.
KeyLemon helps us to easily logim to our systems or any of our personal accounts though some facial and speech recognition system. It is easy to download and install. Also easy for the setup. It helps in reducing our time in typing the passwords always to login. This software needs camera and microphone access to detect your face and speech.
I have experience in using this application. This is a face logs application and verify whether the own user is using the PC. Needed a more glorified webcam. Overall a top rated application.
I used this face recognition software which is the best one i seen. It is easy to use to log on device by face. Mostly we use biometric terms in devices. But it is not 100 % secure. Face recognition is the only secure our device without unnecessary persons.
KeyLemon software is more trendy way to authenticate our system. It is alternatively did face recognition security system. My computer is used by more than one person. So this software help us to login ourself individually and keep our data safe. It is effortless to me. We dont want remember the password. In my point of view it is better option for windows.
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