Magic 8 Ball

by Francisco Xavier Gonzбlez Alvarez

A gimmick virtual "magic 8-ball" program for Microsoft Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Francisco Xavier Gonzбlez Alvarez

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Magic 8 Ball - widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine in the form of a balloon of predictions. Prediction balls are usually used in the following way: a person shakes the ball and one of the messages appears randomly inside the ball. Standard messaging options: "Perhaps," "No doubt," "Yes - definitely," "Most likely," "Ask again," "I can't predict," "Most likely not," "Very doubtful," etc. In other words, the balloon of predictions is an improved variant of coin flipping. To get the Magic 8 Ball widget to answer your question, press the Ctrl key.

toy used to seeking advice
Hey magic eight ball basically give you answers to questions that you ask about the future or a question to make a decision for you
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