by Etwok

Free software that assists in the control and monitoring of wireless networks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Etwok

Release: NetSpot 2.11

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NetSpot for Windows is the edition of the NetSpot software that enables the user to carry out site surveys to identify potential problems and issues in the creation and maintenance of a WiFi network. The basic software is free, with reasonably-priced upgrade options available, giving access to regular updates and advanced features. It is equally suitable for home and business networks, whether large or small, and can perform complex professional analysis when required through the WiFi Reporter function. 

The scanning facility enables the user to observe the ongoing performance of a wireless network and view statistics relating to its current workload, thus enabling resilience to be built in. It provides an overall view of the network, allowing the identification of any problem areas, such as attempts to access the network without authorization or potential interference from other networks. By this means it helps those setting up a network to foresee security and performance issues, plan the best network layout and choose the most appropriate channel. 

By checking the current network profile and performance, users can also look at improving the network layout to avoid overloading, reduce or remove performance issues and increase capacity when and where necessary. It can also help to adjust the network set-up so as to optimize the signal without external assistance.

The information collected by the software is presented in a clear and easily digestible format, with visual aids such as maps, charts, and graphs to assist in understanding the data. In addition to being a valuable aid for the network manager, these can be used to demonstrate networks and their features to third parties.

Enables the optimisation of network installation and maintenance

  • Easy installation and use
  • The powerful data collection facility
  • Locates the most suitable access points
  • Finds and removes unauthorized connections
  • Visual tools to assist in analysis and planning
NetSpot (1.23 MB)
NetSpot (1.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.23 MB)
NetSpot (0.24 MB)
NetSpot (0.25 MB)
NetSpot 2.11 (0.22 MB)
NetSpot 2.14.770.0 (10.88 MB)
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