nHancer is a solution designed to help users configure their graphic card settings

Operating system: Windows

Release: nHancer 2.5.0900

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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nHancer is a licensed freeware developed by Martin Korndörfer. It is an operating system component that can be used either on personal desktop computers or laptops without restrictions. As a video tweak category program, it has the advantage of being able to create several profiles on which graphics video cards can be run with little restrictions.

  • Provides quality and performance-enhancing settings games
  • Capable of creating and managing automated profiles for games
  • Supports single card, SLI and Quad-SLI systems
  • Supports all versions of Windows with 32-bits and 64-bits operating systems
  • Provides Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering modes
  • Supports GeForce cards, including the GeForce 8x00 line
  • Intuitive user interface and available in various languages
  • Automatically detects changes made by any tool in the system
  • Very easy to learn and use with a basic explanation for users; it simply relies on the user's choice
  • Supports operational settings in the mode of “Enhancements”, “Optimizations” and “Compatibility”.
  • Provides an additional option for Nvidia's SLI feature

nHancer provides support for a wide array of video cards, including all GeForce versions. It's easy to use interface provides an avenue that any user can make any modifications to the standard settings as desired.

nHancer provides two modes of video card setups called global and profile thus allowing the configurations for any video or game of the user's choice on the computer. More so, the configurations are set using parameters such as anti-aliasing, gamma correction, anisotropic filtering, vertical sync, and ambient occlusion, adjust texture filtering, tri-linear optimization, power management mode and pre-render limit.  

nHancer is an alternate control panel for graphic cards that allows both novice and professionals to edit the performance settings of their devices.

Thus, while a novice better learns more about this program as its usage increases, alternatively, an expert can use the available advanced options of the program to adjust every detail to their preference for optimal satisfaction.

nHancer 2.5.9 (3.85 MB)
nHancer 2.5.0900 (3.85 MB)
Epique Gaymer
Are you an epic gamer and like to default dance your way to a victory royale? nHancer is a sleek UI for your graphics card(s) that is so simple, a noob can use it. Now you can enhance your epic gamer moments without the messy UI. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.
Mary ODonnell
This is simple to use software product that operates on Windows. It is easy to learn and relies on the user's choice. It improves the graphics for gamers enhancing the quality and performance. It works on both desktop and laptop computers. One of the nice features is that it automatically detects any changes made by tools. It is also compatible with various languages.
This is a really good product. You are able to create graphics videos cards which is very innovative and creative. It is also good because you can access this programme on you laptop which you can use as a beginner but there are also parts of it you can access if you are more of an advanced user.
Clever name for the tool, which enhances the user experience with the Nvidia graphics cards. This software works with Force/GeForce video cards of version 60 and up. In general, there are a lot of small settings and tweaking can be done to improve the graphics on your machine, although most of the settings are hidden. This tool will help to reveal those settings and change so that the user can get manual setup for the graphics
Logan Trice
nHancer for Windows, is perfect for enhancing your graphic card to the fullest. This program is perfect for inexperienced users and experienced users, due to the fact its a very simple to use for the user. This is mainly used with nVidia graphic cards for the computer.
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