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Safari browser available for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apple Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Safari is Apple's browser, which is said to be the fastest in the world and faster than Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. It has a number of convenient functions related to quick access and information retrieval. The Top Sites function provides up to 24 thumbnails of the most visited websites. It monitors visited sites and automatically adds the most popular ones. In addition, the Top Sites panel looks very nice, as you can see in the screenshots. Safari also provides a convenient way to search for sites that have been saved in history.

- Top SitesTop Sites is a panel with thumbnails of your favorite websites. Top Sites keeps track of the sites you visit and adds the most popular ones. You can add up to 24 sites.

- Cover Flow Visual browsing history of sites and sites in bookmarks. All sites are presented as pages that look the same as the last time you visited them. That is, in order to find the site that you once visited, you will only need one look.

- History Search When you visit Safari websites, it automatically saves text, images, and other content elements in your history. So it's easy for Safari to find almost anything. You can search for individual words, phrases, and even image titles. Search results are presented using the Cover Flow function, which displays page images. This allows you to quickly recall and find the right site.

- Nitro EngineAs the developers claim, Safari is the fastest web browser in the world, ahead of such products as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Safari delivers ultra-high performance thanks to the world's leading web page display technologies.

- Windows compatibilityWhen you use Safari under Windows operating systems, you feel at home. This is because Safari uses all the native Windows controls, namely windows, toolbars, etc. Although Safari is primarily a web browser for MAC, Windows users are not uncomfortable using it.

Safari 3.0 Beta (7.97 MB)
Safari 3.0.1 Beta (7.98 MB)
Safari 3.0.2 Beta (7.97 MB)
Safari 3.0.3 Beta (7.97 MB)
Safari 3.0.4 Beta (15.64 MB)
Safari 4 Beta (25.46 MB)
Safari 4.0.5 (30.18 MB)
Safari 5.1.5 (36.71 MB)
Safari on Windows is by far the fastest internet browser. Through the use of Google Safe Browsing, Safari can deter viruses that may be attached to certain sites from infiltrating a user’s computer system. Safari offers a plethora of easy to navigate settings that allow users to block pop-ups and other ads while browsing. In terms of privacy, Safari also allows users to block cookies, while prevents sites from collecting their browsing data. As a whole, Safari is the best browsing option in regards to speed, security, and privacy.
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