by NirSoft

Ping hosts that the user selects and displays the results

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NirSoft

Release: PingInfoView 1.82

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product is probably one of the easiest tools on the market for pinging hosts that the user defines and displaying all of the search results in a clean, modern, and well-organized user interface that the user can easily understand.

You can launch the software and write down addresses to ping and the software will do that for you. 


One of the easiest pinging tools not he market
  • The software can search addresses and show their status
  • PingInfoView can give you the IP address and reply IP address
  • You can see the failure and success count of the last status
  • You can even see the TTL and the time on the last succeeded date

The software can even generate HTML, TXT or XML reports on the succeeded and failed pings so you have fancy reports to show off in your next meeting. The CPU power required and the memory needed to run this revolutionary software is very minimal meaning that it can be hosted on Windows 7 workstations and beyond. 

Danny Shapeoro
This program is great for techies who are both starters and professionals, it seems to have many cool details and allows you to make your own pings and make your own messages . If I were in the tech industry I would definitely be interested in this product but I probably would not pay to much for it because there are other free programs out there such as Windows can Ping for free
Easily enables me to ping multiple hosts and IP addresses and view all the results at the same time. I can let it ping as frequently as I want to, and it quickly updates to show me the latest ping time. Sometimes the pings do not succeed. I can also save the results to use them later. It is a good product overall.
PingInfoView for Windows really helps me to effectively use my devices! You can ping hostnames and IP addresses which is great for running sites and understanding who is accessing them. It displays every failed and successful ping in an easy to read table for the user to pull helpful data from. It is free and honestly my favorite program.
Calum Medina
This software works excellent on my Windows computer. The download took seconds and within a minute I was able to to ping multiple host and IP addresses and you can easily see which ones were successful and which ones were not. Makes something that sometimes is complicated very easy. Highly rate!
PingInfoView for Windows is a free-to-use program published by NirSoft. It acts as a utility program. Information such as hostnames (multiple) and their IP addresses are compiled into a clear table for the user to see. This works by pinging all hosts at regular time intervals (specified by the user) and displays information such as the average ping time and the rate of successful and failed pings. The compiled data can be saved into multiple modes of standard formats. Finally, the program does not require installation files and comes ready-to-go.
PingInfoView has been a great software for pinging multiple machines when I'm trying to set up a network and test our internet at various sites. It has a simple to use and easy to understand interface and gets the job done.
Pinginfoview is a small utility that will allow you to ping hostnames and IP addresses making it easier for you. You can see the results of this in one table. It will tell you the number of successes and the number of failures it will also display the numbers so that you can see them clearly. It will tell you the amount of time of the ping. Generally it will display the average time for you if you need to see that as well. It has the ability to save the text file to text xml or html or even copy to the clipboard as well.
Josh Haneef
PingInfoView is a free network monitoring utility that allows users to easily ping multiple remote hosts, view their response time, and export the results to a text/csv/html file. It can also be used to check the status of multiple servers or to check the connection speed of a network.
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