by Famatech

Radmin VPN is a free and easy-to-use software product to create virtual private network (VPN)

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Famatech

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Want to manage more than one computer without having to be near it? Fortunately, this is possible these days thanks to the remote management software. This kind of software allows users to manage multiple workstations on your network directly from their own computer and in a very convenient way. Radmin is a solution that allows you to control the remote machine as if you were sitting right in front of its screen. At first it may seem that the program is extremely difficult to use. But that's not true. Any average user can deal with it without any specific knowledge of computer networks. In addition, the program is accompanied by comprehensive documentation that will answer all the questions in case of difficulties.

To provide this kind of functionality, the program has two components. The first - the server - must be installed on the computer to be accessed. The second one, the client, runs locally and allows you to see the contents of the remote screen and control the computer. The server on the remote side starts as a system service and is automatically loaded together with the computer. It is not a danger, because every time you connect, you are asked for a username and password. With this component you can add new users and manage their access rights as you wish. It also supports additional features such as voice messaging between computers and chatting. As soon as you establish a connection with the help of the client part of the program and successfully authorize, you will be able not only to control the remote computer with the mouse and keyboard, but also transfer files, remote shutdown, telnet, voice and text chat. Radmin supports simultaneous work with several clients. This means that a group of people can access the remote desktop at the same time. This may be necessary both for conferences and for training or technical support needs.

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