Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan)

by Sysinternals

Administrators may connect to and administer remote desktops in LAN and WAN using Endpoint Central's remote desktop manager.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sysinternals

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Multiple remote desktop connections can be grouped, managed, and organized by IT administrators using the free Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) product from Microsoft. It was developed by Windows Live Experiences developer Julian Burger to simplify the management of several remote desktop protocol connections.

System administrators can manage multiple RDP connections in a single window using RDCMan. They can also use various RDP settings for various servers or groups and save user credentials from enabling automatic authentication on RDP and remote desktop service servers.

The application is especially helpful for people who operate with large server farms or groups of computers when regular access to each machine is necessary. System administrators, server lab managers, developers, and testers fall under this category. These users benefit from RDCMan since it reduces desktop clutter by combining several RDP connections into a single window.

RDCMan was removed from sale by Microsoft in 2020 due to serious security concerns, but it has since been reintroduced as a component of the Sysinternals Suite. The current RDCMan patched the earlier serious flaw. This more recent version, which is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 and higher, functions roughly like its predecessor.

The free Sysinternals Suite that can be downloaded from the Microsoft website includes RDCMan. However, Microsoft advises users to avoid using RDCMan in favour of a universal remote desktop client for Windows 10 or the Microsoft Terminal Services Client, claiming that the RDCMan utility is unable to keep up with ongoing technological improvements.

Multiple remote desktop connections are managed by RDCMan. It is helpful for maintaining server laboratories in places like data centres and automated check-in systems where you require regular access to each machine.

  • RDCMan doesn't require installation because it is a part of Sysinternals, therefore users only need to unpack and run it;
  • support for virtual machine console connect;
  • the application configuration file's client size choices;
  • support for certificate-based credential encryption;
  • assistance from Remote Credential Guard and Restricted Admin.
  • recent virtual groups, which contain servers that have just been accessed;
  • clever groups, which organise servers and configuration data according to a flexible set of principles;
  • connect to virtual group, which adds a server to a connected virtual group automatically while it is connected; and
Remote Desktop Connection Manager (called RDCMan) is a program that I can take advantage of in order to manage not just one or two desktop screens, but up to three, four, five or even more. I also appreciate that the connections to the other desktops can be made remotely to give me greater flexibility as well.
Callum R*****j
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a free tool from Microsoft that helps manage multiple remote desktop connections. It allows users to easily organize, group, and quickly switch between multiple remote desktop connections. RDCMan also provides support for managing network connections and credentials, as well as support for RemoteApp programs.
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