Razer Surround

by Razer USA Ltd

This is a headset suitable for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Razer USA Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Razer Surround is a program that creates a virtual surround sound environment in 7.1 format. You can emulate surround sound on almost any headphones (except the oldest or cheapest ones), but the best way to do so is with Razer headsets. And the latter usually applies to models with hardware support for surround sound format 7.1, and to headphones without it. A sound calibration wizard, which you will be asked to run immediately after starting the Razer Surround, will help you to set up the sound source emulation as precisely as possible.

In addition to emulating surround sound, the program also offers a host of other options to improve sound quality and help you get the most out of your headset. Options include dynamic range expansion, bass boost, volume reduction for stable sound levels and software speech clarity for conversations. The user also has an equalizer with ready-made settings profiles for various musical styles and support for saving user's own. Selected options and slider positions are stored and stored in the cloud. However, in order for the user to successfully save, they must create a Razer ID and install the Razer Synapse application (of which Razer Surround is a part).

This program will be especially useful for gamers. 7.1 sound (even if it's emulated) and enhanced bass noticeably improve the fun of the game, and in network shooters it also helps to determine which side of the enemy is sneaking up on you.

- emits 7.1 surround sound for all stereo headsets;

- allows you to calibrate the sound sources according to your own wishes;

- offers a number of other options to enhance sound quality;

- Includes an equalizer with ready-made settings profiles for different musical styles;

- saves the settings in the cloud storage.

Razer Surround is a program that emulates surround sound regardless of the device you are using. While the oldest headphones may not see any difference, most headsets will have a noticeable improved as this emulator guides you through set up allowing for the best case scenario for your sound. Surround sound can be very beneficial in online gaming and this program is therefore a very good option for online gamers. Razer surround will require their Razer Synaps application to be downloaded and have an user account created as well.
This software was recommended to me by a friend who also plays video games. The changes that this software makes to the audio for my headphones is just insane. Fantastic addition to any gaming pc.
I have an older headset that has very good sound, but it didn't have surround sound. I didn't want to purchase a new headset, so I thought I'd try this, and I'm glad I did! Now I don't have to spend a lot on headphones that include this feature, and when my existing headset wears out, I can simply purchase the same one. This Razer product has improved the sound so much that I actually look forward to playing my games and trying new games as well. I recommend this to anyone who wants surround sound on their system.
Razer Kraken is a well known trusted brand. The audio is sharp and clear and prefect for gaming. It comes with surround sound. The sound feels so real, it feels like I am inside the game. The headset is comfortable. It is a good value for the money.
I love using Razer Surround for Windows because it's a program that totally transforms and enhances my audio experience for my favorite games. The audio feels so real and lifelike to me that I can't believe I'm not actually immersed in all of the action. The software is compatible with Razer's own proprietary headphones that are super lightweight and functional as well.
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