by FlashPeak Inc

A new, fast web browser that works on newer operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FlashPeak Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Slimjet is a relatively young browser based on the Chromium engine. This engine is now used by almost all Internet viewers. It provides high speed of page loading, stable work, "democratic" use of system resources and at the same time provides correct work of the additions originally written for the most popular in the world browser - Google Chrome. The latter, Slimjet is almost as good as functionality and offers a number of useful "chips". So the browser from FlashPeak developers does not require binding to a Google account and gives the user the opportunity to "subtle" customization of the appearance. Right from the main browser window you can go to the panel with design themes and "try on" any of them in one click.

Like all modern web browsers, Slimjet contains a combined URL search and input string, is able to automatically "finish" user requests, and can also synchronize data between several devices, so far, unfortunately, only running on Windows. Users who are accustomed to using a limited number of web resources, will surely be pleased with a convenient page of quick access, from which you can instantly get to your favorite site.

- is based on the Chromium engine, which provides fast and correct loading of pages;

- contains a section with design themes that can be applied in one click;

- is compatible with extensions created for Google Chrome;

- supports data synchronization between multiple devices;

- Includes a convenient data loader.

Slimjet (49.09 MB)
Slimjet (49.1 MB)
Slimjet 21.0.6 (49.09 MB)
Slimjet (49.09 MB)
Slimjet (49.1 MB)
Slimjet (52.06 MB)
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Slimjet (52.58 MB)
Slimjet (0.34 MB)
Slimjet (0.34 MB)
Slimjet for Windows is the best browser I've found so far! I say that because it's definitely got the fastest startup of any that I've use. It's also got the easiest interface I've found in the past. I also feel it's the most secure and safest browser. And for an added bonus it also offers uninterrupted downloads. In all of the times I've used it I've not had to deal with a single crash. And the best feature so farm is it's totally free from Ads and Spam. Give it a try. You won't regret it.
Slimjet for Windows is one of the fastest web browsers and the only one that automatically blocks ads. The web browser is great for downloading Youtube videos too. It is also very good for privacy since it does not send any usage data back to Google unlike Chrome. Slimjet also contains advanced anti-tracking options, an online video recorder, a high-speed download manager, instant photo upload, and many other amazing features.
Slimjet's 64-bit version uses more memory than the 32-bit version but it still works well. It has some stability and performance improvements which rule. I'm using it all the time now. Pretty solid software. I bought 2 copies and were overall easy to set up. One of the best features of Slimjet, in my opinion, is the QuickFill form filler which lets you open the page and sign in in one step. I also like the fully customizable toolbar. You can add or remove additional toolbar buttons. Good browser.
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