Steam Achievement Manager

Used it to unlock and reset achievements; it works

Operating system: Windows

Release: Steam Achievement Manager

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9866

Steam Achievement Management for Windows is the greatest boost ever.  I use it to show my friends that I got some super hard to get the achievement when I really didn't - they do not know.  I do not have to worry about spending tons of time, money, energy, effort, anything really on trying to make my gameplay look better.  Personally, it's not all about showcasing achievements and showing off to my friends. Rather, I hated that nagging feeling that I didn't do something - I like to save coins, points, and not waste money on games. I was never like this when I first started playing and before games would add achievements. I was able to enjoy a game on its own terms; now I'm wondering "Did I miss something or forget to unlock something?" or "If I unlock this, would my gameplay be easier or more fun?"  Now if I unlock achievements before I even start playing, I can play the game for fun again and not even care if I'm getting 100% completion or perfect score. I can go at my own speed and in my own time. It's not for anyone else but my own enjoyment of the game.


  • Great app for basically speeding up gameplay and fast-forwarding past all the stupid junk to get better and more benefits
  • Awesome to show off to friends, especially on multiplayer RPG games where you can showcase all your achievements
  • Save money, time, energy, an effort by bypassing all the extra accomplishments and focus on having more fun playing
  • The app is safe for the most part and does not have a risk of getting caught; it's handy if you want a challenge to get an achievement again and again.  

I play a lot of multiplayer games where you need to show off your skills and quickly unlocking accomplishments makes the gameplay so buy so much faster.  Love this app

Steam Achievement Management for Windows is great; I use it to show my friends that I got some super hard to get achievement when I really didn't.

Ross (unverified)
From the description and review I can not really understand what the use of this product is. What is it's purpose. Review is laden with unintelligible sentences and the description is extremely vague.
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