SteamTool Library Manager

Download Steam games on different hard drives

Operating system: Windows

Release: SteamTool Library Manager 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.4355

The biggest improvement and difference with SteamTool Library Manager is it allows you to download online games in your Steam Library across more than one hard drive. Whereas other software programs like Steam Mover & Steam Tool, you had to store everything in the same folder on the same hard drive. SteamTool allows the games on your second hard drive to continue playing, downloading and updating, as they normally would while still being able to use them in their original content. This not only frees up space on the main hard drive but also improves your gaming experience because it enhances and improves a computer’s performances due to the speed. It’s easy to use by simply dragging and dropping the new online games into new files. 



It allows multiple online games to be downloaded on different hard drives.

  • Ability to duplicate content to save backup files
  • Informs you of possible linking errors or missing games
  • Library Cleaner (cleans leftovers from prior installations)
  • Portable configuration and application
  • Open source
  • Moves games between Steam and Backup libraries

In order to use SteamTool Manager, you must have Steam downloaded, but it does not have to be open in the background. This gives you the ability to see a full list of all of your fully installed games and their locations. Another advantage of this software is it validates files to find out whether they have are corrupt or not. SteamTool will display a new “Messages” button when this occurs. It will provide suggestions on how to fix any errors or problems. It also notifies you if you have met the minimum requirements for a game and how to go about uninstalling a game if need be. It has a search option to allow you to look up games by either their ID or name. This makes this software ideal for experiences PC gamers who have a huge collection of games. This is also great for newer gamers who want an easy process to follow and the ability to grow their gaming collection without worrying about limited hard drive space.

Free, must be installed on an NTFS partition

the software allows one to download multiple internet games on two different hard disk drives at the same time without any interruption to the computer or laptop. Also it helps improve the gaming experience whiles playing the game and at the same time doing other things on the computer.
For users of the Steam Library, this is an essential tool for keeping your games installed across all your devices. Not only does it allow for the movement of games, but also lets you keep backup copies. This is ideal for users who experience the common lack of storage space associated with having several games installed, and now this is no longer a problem. It is essentially another hard drive, making this a great solution.
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