by St├ęphane Madrau

Dictate how your screen works on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: St├ęphane Madrau

Release: SwitchResX 4.8.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SwitchResX allows you to dictate how you use your screen and coloration and resolution without having your computer dictate it for you. SwitchResX allows you to match your resolution to whatever program you might be having to use, you can also make it match your TV screen if you're going to put your monitor onto your TV screen for big display.

You can mirror your screen as well with this awesome program. SwitchResX allows you to use the proper resolution for your viewing pleasures, it makes it so it's easier on your eyes and you don't have to worry about your eyes being hurt by the screen anymore, SwitchResX is the best way to alleviate those problems you have with resolutions being dictated by your computers operating system.

You can also put your screen upside down with SwitchResX if you need to view an image that's upside down which makes it very awesome for unique situations you might put yourself into. It's very easy to use, allows you to change colors as well for your eyes to view better without being super stressed out. You can literally customize your resolution on your screen, no more dictations by your operating system! if you want 1220x1440 you can do that as well! no one's gonna tell you what to do anymore with your resolution with SwitchResX

Fixes resolutions for screens

  • Custom resolutions
  • Custom colors
  • hassle free

Conclusion about SwitchResX is that it's easy to use, and will help you if you need a custom resolution for viewing pleasures, you don't need to worry with SwitchResX because they have you covered with that, if you need custom colors or resolution they can do that for you, it's easy to use and you don't have to worry about stupid gimmicks with SwitchResX. It's amazing product!

I think SwitchEesX is a great program for multiple different reasons. it would be great to be able to match screen resolution's if your are an artist like a clothing designer or creative drawer. Furthermore if you have multiple screens connected to you computer they can all be synced to have the same picture clarity. In general this software is a great tool to have.
SwitchresX helps me switch my resolution, color, brightness for my computer. I use this software when playing video games or watching movies to highlight certain dark or bright aspects as well as the resolution for different varying resolutions of either high quality or low quality video games or videos.
SwitchResX has been a great program for many reasons. It's perfect for switching resolution, color and brightness for my computer. For me, this software is perfect for playing video games, but it could be a perfect solution for those in creative fields such as fashion design.
Hamish Marlin
SwitchResX is NOT for Windows first and foremost, it is for Macintosh. It allows you to have a lot of control over your screen resolution, brightness, and monitor values. If you thought this would do that for Windows you will be sorely disappointed, it is not free, one must buy it to use it. Not a bad program. If you are a casual computer user unless you are running a farm, this program is not necessary.
SwitchResX makes it so much easier for me to modify the resolution on my computer. Before I had SwitchResX, modifying the resolution meant that all my desktop icons and documents would necessarily move into new positions, making it harder for me to identify and locate files I needed. SwitchResX "freezes" the location of these items so I don't have to worry about this anymore.
I think this is a really neat software. It gives you the ability to switch between screens seamlessly. It automatically matches the resolution to whatever tv it's paired too. It has mirror images for more intense viewing. The best part about it is, you get to try it completely free! It comes with a ten-day free trial to give you plenty of time that this purchase is right for you. I think everybody should at least try this cool product. After all, it's free!
Whether you're a graphic designer who needs precise color control or a casual user who wants to conserve battery life, SwitchResX is the perfect app for you. With SwitchResX, you can customize your screen resolution and color profile to match your needs. Best of all, the app is extremely easy to use, so you'll be up and running in no time. Whether you want more control over your screen or simply want to improve your productivity, SwitchResX is the perfect solution. Many people are familiar with the concept of mirroring their computer screen to a larger display, such as a TV or projector. This can be useful for presentations or simply for watching videos on a bigger screen. What you may not know is that there is software available that can optimize your screen resolution for the best viewing experience. SwitchResX is one such program, and it can be a valuable tool for anyone who frequently uses an external display. With SwitchResX, you can choose the resolution that best suits your needs, whether you're watching a movie or giving a presentation. Whether you're a professional or simply a casual user, SwitchResX can help you get the most out of your external display.
SwitchresX assists me to alternate the resolution, color, and brightness of my computer. I take advantage of this tool when playing video games or viewing films to highlight positive shadowy or shining aspects furthermore the determination for distinct varying resolutions of or tall high quality or low high-quality video games or videos.
It's a program that makes it easy to make adjustments to my screen's color, as well as to the resolution that it has. It's perfect for gaming and for watching shows since both of these activities rely so much on my computer's graphics. In short, this program makes it a cinch to have a seamless viewing and playing experience.
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