by Tixati Software

A BitTorrent program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tixati Software

Release: Tixati v2.59

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tixati is a peer to peer client software that allows users to download Torrents. It works for the Windows operating system as well as Linux. It features no spyware or adware as the program offers clients complete and total privacy. If using the Windows OS you can download and install Tixati on the 32 bit or either the 64-bit version of the system or even use a portable version of the torrent downloading program as well. Upon downloading the program and adding a torrent into it you'll be happy to notice that the program will start to download the torrent immediately.

You are also allowed to select outgoing limits in KB's (kilobyte) or even configure within the program advances rules such as seeding ratios and trading traffic within the client. Tixati also allows people to disable the screen in the settings tab so torrents are able to be added directly into the client without any user interaction.

Tixati has plenty of features including supporting DHT, users can also join channels and communicate with each other using a Decentralized channel. IP Filters are also embedded in the program along with bandwidth throttling and importing torrents from RSS feeds.

It doesn't need Java or .Net frameworks for it to work as it's completely self reliant.

You can also schedule torrent downloads that will fit around when you want them. Tracker and peer support are available as well along with encryption of peer connection.

Another proof the software is that it's fully self-sufficient as it doesn't have to depend on .NET frameworks or even java programs.

The portable edition of Tixati is solely meant to run on USB flash drives or any other portable media devices. It's completely self-contained and keeps all user configurations files embedded within an executable folder that stores all the paths and formats are relevant to the binary files on the program. 

Tixati 1.97 (9.63 MB)
Tixati 1.98.1 (9.64 MB)
Tixati 1.99 (9.64 MB)
Tixati 2.56 (13.64 MB)
Tixati 2.57 (13.68 MB)
Tixati 2.58 (13.78 MB)
Tixati 2.59 (14.24 MB)
I found this product to be very useful. I love how little space is used to download the software and the privacy it allowed me to keep. all these plus much more is what interested me and inspired me to continue to use it and suggest it to other people looking for something similar.
software allows for downloading of torrents, in which i believe is illegal and should not be allowed. They allow you to download at a certain limit. There seems to be a lot of these types of software out there and many companies and individuals loose out on support and money because of people who choose to use this.
Tixati by Tixati SoftwareA BitTorrent program,best way to download torrents. wonderful software comes in handy many advantages are available.
Owen Sisson
Tixati for Windows is a P2P file sharing framework released under freeware licensing. Tiaxi runs on Windows (later versions than XP) as well as on Linus systems. The developer note places emphasis on its secure environment with minimum spyware and malware risks. It also supports easy-to-use graphical user interface.
Tixati software is a sharing program which is easy as well as very cool in using. There is no need for java or net for using this software. The software is simple and fast to install. DHT, PEX, Magnet link backing is also there. For extra safety RC4 linking encryption is added. It has very great bandwith recording and adjusting skills plus recording also added. You can use for trading and seeding limiters and set transfer priorities for the greater speed.
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