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Turn your computer into a WiFi access point

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OSToto Hotspot is a simple and easy utility on your computer that, when turned on, turns your computer into a WiFi access point that can connect to any nearby devices. This utility enables users to enjoy constant Internet access on any device with Internet capability. OSToto Hotspot works simply by opening the OSToto Hotspot and the name of the new network and the password is available; no complicated setup or activation needed.

Once the information to access the information is known, it can be shared with others for quick internet connection. OSToto Hotspot includes a control panel that enables users to quickly see all of the devices that are connected to the network they had shared. If users are not supposed to be connected, they can be blocked. A benefit of OSToto Hotspot is its speed checker which shows the number of megabytes that are available for guests to be connected to the Internet. Another positive feature of the utility is that it is a free connection, both simple and comfortable. OSToto Hotspot enables users to turn their computer into a virtual router. The application comes with two different Wi-Fi sharing modes, including a Normal mode and a Speed mode. The program also enables users to include password protection to ensure those making connections are connecting originating from their own computer. 

The software was released by Windows OS, and is a free software license. There are more than 150 downloads of OSToto Hotspot every week. 

No complicated setup or activation needed

  • No complicated setup
  • Speak checker
  • Free connection
  • Two Wi-Fi sharing modes

OSToto Hotspot enables users to turn their computer into a virtual router by sharing their Wi-Fi connection, turning their computer into a Wi-Fi access point. The program provides users both fast and secure access to the Internet, with guaranteed stability of their connection. 

OSToto Hotspot is a software program that turns your computer into a WiFi hot spot for all your connected devices. The great thing about this application is that you do not need a router. Your computer and other devices are protected with the increased security of WPA2PSK password protection. This program has a user-friendly interface and provides two modes, normal and speed. Overall, this application will help you save money by reducing your data usage.
we had a few places in home where we were not receiving wifi and some times when we want to access things over the phone it was difficult. So found this in net and download which allowed us to use the laptop as a hotspot and used mobiles with WiFi and this is completely free
It's a simple and effective application for the WiFi hotspot. Some Security options not available. Performs its functions well. Blacklist function is working really great.
OSToto Hotspot is a software geared and designed to transform your computer into a wireless access point. What this does allows for a separate route on a given network, alleviating the need to constantly add new devices, giving guests and temporary devices a place of their own. OSToto Hotspot also has built-in features that help and monitor network speeds and bandwidth to ensure that the network works efficiently and properly.
OSToto Hotspot for Windows is an awesome product. This program is so easy to download and use. I like the idea that this program only takes up a very small portion of the screen while using it. This prevents the disruption of the task that I am performing on my device. The only thing that you need to get started with this program is an adapter. Once you get this adapter, this is a simple and effective task to operate. I have definitely located the hot spot program that I will be using from this point forward. I am so happy with the decision to download this program and purchase the necessary adapter to run this program.
If you are looking for an effective and simple to use hotspot software, this is all you are looking for. It is easy to use, and it serves its purpose (it is that simple). A bonus is that the software allows you to know the speed that those who connect to the Hotspot will have. I definitely recommend it to anyone!
It works shockingly well. I did not expect it to work, but it did. Now my PC receives wifi like a pretty girl receives looks. There is so much wifi on my PC and I need to bail some of it out. Thank you Ostohotspot for flooding my computer with wifi.
OSToto Hotspot can turn your computer into a wifi hotspot. You can connect to devices that are close to your computer. You can then use the internet on all connected devices. You do not even need to complete a setup or activate any services. Once you set a password, you can share it with your guests. They can then use it to access the internet too!
I love using OSToto Hotspot for Windows because it's a program that enables my computer to become an access point for Internet connection. It's the perfect solution if you want to hook up your phone, tablet or other device to WiFi and don't have any alternatives for easy access. I appreciate that the program is incredibly easy to figure out and doesn't require any kind of complex setup.
OSToto Hotspot is a very simple utility to turn your computer into a WiFi access point to which you can connect any nearby device. Thanks to this you can enjoy guaranteed Internet access on any mobile or tablet in your home. You don't even need to do a complicated setup or activate any buttons; as soon as you open OSToto Hotspot, you'll see the name of the new network and the password, that's it.
Brodie Biancaniello
Ostoto Hotspot is a free WiFi hotspot creator to turn your Windows laptop, notebook or desktop PC into a wireless router. It allows you to easily share your internet connection with multiple device such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. It also provides a high-speed, secure, and stable connection to the internet. It is easy to use and it offers lots of customizing options, so you can customize your hotspot to meet your specific needs.
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