by Locktime Software

Control where and how your internet connection functions

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Locktime Software

Release: NetLimiter

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NetLimiter is a software program that allows you to control how your internet connection is used. You can direct where you want your bandwidth to go and can monitor your internet traffic to see short-term and long-term trends to inform the settings that best fit your online needs.


  • Monitor your internet usage, so you know where your bandwidth is going.
  • Prioritize your applications, such that you can select a certain application to which you'd like to direct bandwidth, and block others that you may not be currently using. This includes applying quotas so that you can change the bandwidth directed to certain programs after they reach a determined threshold.
  • Multiple options for managing the traffic controls. This includes filtering times of day when you'd like to direct bandwidth to particular programs (for example, if you stream television in the evening frequently, you can prioritize your streaming service to prevent buffering by minimizing connection to something you may only need during the workday). You can also approve or deny other users to be able to view/manage internet traffic.
  • Control the traffic control remotely.
  • Obtain information about your usage history. This includes recent usage with specific programs, or long-term history for internet usage overall, to see where your bandwidth is going, at what times of the day are programs used, who's accessing what, etc.

Ultimately, this software is a great tool for learning where your internet speed is going and assigning it to programs that suit your needs. This can be customized to your liking and gives you full control over the parameters within which your internet connection operates. This tool is particularly helpful for individuals who frequently game, stream, or are employed somewhere where they rely on internet connection (e.g., remotely). Also, this software is useful for individuals who tend to run multiple programs at the same time, or who often have downloads occurring in the background. 

You can prioritize your programs to ensure that you have the bandwidth you need to complete your tasks.
NetLimiter is a software that helps you control where and how your internet connection functions. The current version is, and is published by Locktime software. It runs on the operating system Windows. It allows you to direct your bandwith where you want it to go, and monitor your internet traffic and identify long-term and short-term trends.
This software is a great product for anyone with multiple things going on in their online lives. Control your internet and you can better control your productivity. By personalizing bandwith and internet traffic, use NetLimiter for Windows to make the web work for you.
This software is highly easy to use. Easy to set up and definitely very useful every day. I will definitely be using it again and would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! This product has helped me save so much time and effort. The download time was very short and the setup time was short as well. I am very happy about this product!
Alfie Donofrio
the product is advertised as giving users full control over their network connection. With NetLimiter 4 you can decide which applications will be allowed to connect to internet and how much of total bandwidth they will be allowed to use. Professional, with clear buttons for downloading or buying the product.
NetLimiter is a program that was specially created for Windows. It helps users monitor and control Internet traffic. You can use this program to set up your own transfer rate limits for the applications that are on your device. NetLimiter is unique from other programs because it provides various tools so you can run your own analyses to study internet traffic statistics and patterns.
They are mainly designed for the internet tracking and monitoring all the devices in the windows. They are safe, secure and free versions that can be installed in all the operating systems. They uses the full control over the net connections that has been attached in the personal computer with all the effects and can be easily handled with them. They are also having some basics techniques.
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