Vidalia Bundle

by The Tor Project

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The Tor Project

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41279

Vidalia Bundle is a beautiful graphical interface written specifically for the Tor application, which in turn serves for anonymous visits to various websites, business correspondence and so on. During the process, Tor regularly changes your IP address, which will prevent it from tracking the user. And those mechanisms which are used by the utility successfully protect against traffic analysis as well, allowing you to keep the confidentiality of the information being transmitted completely.

Thanks to the Vidalia Bundle interface, even inexperienced users can work with the application. It supports a set of options that allow you to set the address and port of the TCP connection, set a password for authentication, set the path to the file containing the configuration, as well as enable automatic start of the utility at the start of the system. There is a special graphic window that displays the bandwidth in real time. It is worth noting that the Tor application is distributed with the Vidalia Bundle interface absolutely free of charge.

- protection from traffic analysis;

- complete anonymity when working on the network, sending messages;

- a nicely designed user interface;

- free distribution of the program;

- the ability to create multiple configuration files.

Nathan (unverified)
Vidalia Bundle is a program that helps mask the users IP address. This can be a great tool to have as this prevents potential hackers from stealing information or getting your location. A free tool with a nice interface is great for ease to use. Also the ability to continue changing your IP adds to the level of security.
Isaac (unverified)
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