Tool to make your wi-fi connection secure

Operating system: Windows

Release: Wifiway 3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WifiWay is a tool to perform a “wireless audit” or in other words, make sure that your wi-fi network is secure. It will help you to prevent your wi-fi password from getting hacked or any sensitive information you may be transferred through your wi-fi.

A few steps are only required to have the system up and running on your computer. Once you chose to download the software, you can either burn an ISO image to a CD or an external hard drive. Once the ISO image has been recorded or burned onto a CD, you need to boot the PC.

The PC should restart from the external device or the CD. A few screens will follow and you should be able to make full use of the software. The software will run as long as the CD or the external hard drive are connected to the computer.

Prevent wi-fi hacking

  • No installation needed. The software works recording the ISO image to a CD or an external hard drive like a USB memory stick. To run the software, you will need to plug in your USB device or insert your CD.
  • It’s a free tool
  • It is one of the most powerful tools to protect your wi-fi from hackers.
  • If you don’t know anything about how to use the software to test your wi-fi, you will need to find a tutorial with images or something similar since the commands will be in Spanish. Also, the WifiWay website is mainly in Spanish so you will have to do a Google search to get the information in English. Their official website doesn’t give you the option to change to the English language.

From my research I understand this to be a tool to understand how secure your connection is and take measures to make it more secure if needed. However, I also understand this tool could be used by hackers to steal other people's passwords. So, double edge sword. 

I think that overall the ability to have this kind of ability in a windows base platform is extremely useful for the end-user. It is through this kind of innovation that truly amazing products are conceived for the customer. The forward-thinking of this product is what will set this product apart from everything else on the market. Highly recommend.
Wifiway is an innovative and elite security protocol software program that enables an open source download to all who could use it. The software protects your device from malware and other viruses that loom and lurk on the web. In this day and age it is becoming easier and easier for people to obtain access to your computer or other devices to seek and destroy what you value most. Nowadays we keep most of our vital information on our electronic devices so that we can do our day to day tasks. Unfortunately, with the skill to do harm, we are all at risk. Wifiway protects you and what you cherish from falling into the hands of the most elaborate and deceitful schemes of black hats, worldwide. With an incredible interface and easy to burn and download protocol set forth using the Linux platform, you have at your fingertips, a guardian for your information. Sit back and relax knowing that Wifiway has your back and that you are covered. Best of all, Wifiway is available to you for free, which makes it all the more spectacular. I absolutely feel grateful to the white hat community for developing a lock tight security software and being so generous and caring for those of us who are struggling financially but,need protection all the same!
If you want a secure connection at all times, look no further. Wifiway for Windows is a security tool that prevents hackers from obtaining your information and breaching your connection interface. One drawback to this tool is that you will either have to burn the ISO image to a CD and insert it into your PC or you will have to use a USB device to get this security tool to work for you. Yet, it is a mighty and protective tool that gives you peace of mind knowing your information will remain secure. This tool actually scans your Wi-Fi connection to see exactly what security protocols are missing and need to take place in order for your PC to remain secure from black hat society. Overall I feel it to be worth the effort, so you can feel a bit more secure.
Wifiway for Windows is one of the best products on the market. It allows me to keep my wifi network secure at all times. I refer everyone I know to wifiway for windows.
it is an awesome software that is affordable size too. It helps you to be secured during using any wifi network. I would like to recommend it for everybody.
This program prevents hackers from obtaining information and breaching your connection interface. It works really well, and It's easy to install and use, one thing though, this tool need an ISO image or a USB device to get it to work. It's in all a good protection tool that keeps your information secure. This tool scans your Wi-Fi connection and suggests and apply security protocols for your PC. Overall, I think it's a great tool to have if you want to feel a bit more secure.
Wifiway is a nice open-source application that you can download on windows and various other pc platforms. First, you have to go to the website and download the app, then install it when the download is complete. After you install the program it will start protecting your computer from viruses and malware. When the app recognizes a virus or malware it will notify you and see what actions you want to take.
Wifiway ensures that one's wifi network is secure. Some key benefits of this software include, but are not limited to, preventing hacking of wifi password and protecting information that may be kept secured or transferred through one's wifi. For this free software, there are no installations necessary and it is one of the most prominent tools to protect one's wifi from being hacked. One downfall is that the commands are stated in Spanish, so one must either be proficient in the Spanish language or find a translating tutorial.
This software is used to check whether our wireless networks is in secure or not. It requires no installation. It is a free and open source software. Compare to other alternative apps it is just okay.
More than a year I using this software. The way it has to protect our wireless network with secure. This software requires no installation. Well this software is better to avoid any hacking issues and it is a open source application.
I love using Wifiway for Windows because it gives me a way to test and ensure the security of my WiFi network. This means that it's a tool that will help prevent my WiFi password from falling into the wrong hands and also decrease the chances that it will be hacked. As a result, I can trust that the information that gets transferred across my WiFi network is secure.
Its a windows wifi tool.Its a wifi tool used as wifi audit,to make sure your wifi network is secure.The main important of this tool is it is used to prevent your wifi password from getting hacked.No other sensitive information will be transferred through wifi. The main feature of wifiway is no installation is needed. It is the most powerful tool used to protect wifi. It is a free tool
Wifiway for windows is designed for the security of the wifi networks. It is also for security auditing purposes. It is free to download the software program. It is also easy to use. It is a safe and secure program software for windows. This is one of the best wireless audit tools and is also secured. It is supported in all kinds of browsers. It is an indispensable tool for Windows . It also doesn't need any installation it can be manually operated.
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