Browser based on the Chrome Browser which also comes packed with personification features and multimedia management applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SIEN SA

Release: 1stBrowser 45.0.2454.139

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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1stBrowser for Windows users is a browser that enables users to personalize and customize their browsing experience. Built based on the Google Chrome browser, this browser offers the same simple and elegant browsing experience, with a variety of add-ons not available in Google Chrome. For instance, it allows users to personalize their browser display to match their preferred style and format, as opposed to being bland, for users who like to customize their displays.

It also comes packed with tools and features which serve as accessories such as having the ability to save and download/store audio and video files within the very browser itself in just a single click. Some basic features it has, first of all, are the ability to customize wallpapers and icons, easily access user favorites and also optimize browsing speed to make the experience a simple and elegant one.

It also has a built-in interface for Downloads, and this allows for the secure storage and organization of your downloads of any format. It allows you not only to change the theme of the browser but also will enable users even to customize icons. So, this is a more open version of the Google Chrome browser that uses the same open-source code as Google Chrome, and which also comes with some more features and add-ons packed into it. It is user-friendly just like the original browser, but also looks exponentially more attractive to the eye with all of its personalization features.

Not only all of that, but it also contains a photo tool that allows users to view and edit their own existing or downloaded images. In editing your pictures, you can apply effects and filters, as well as post your lovely photos to any platform you choose. This makes it extremely handy and useful in so many ways. Not only can you download and organize audio and video files, but you can also download, organize, edit, and post your own images. This yields wonderful results and is amazing for anyone looking for more features that come with a browser. I will definitely be using this instead of Chrome because of that very reason, and because of all of the features, I’d have access to.

This is by far the only browser that comes built-in with customization features, as well as media management tools. It is also built-in different languages for users, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

In addition to a fast and easy browsing experience, allows users to save audio and video files, as well as edit and manage photos in the same interface

  • Fast and easy browsing
  • Customize wallpapers and icons
  • Download, organize and manage audio and video files within the interface
  • Download, organize, manage and edit photos with effects given the built-in photo editor
  • Comes with a variety of languages for users to choose from

This is a Windows software for users

Possibly 1stBrowser is the most customizable Google Chrome-based browser that can be downloaded because it can be adapted to the way the computer is used on the Internet. And it allows me to organize and classify my downloads by categories and efficiently manage my multimedia gallery, I can also create direct access to my favorite websites. Since it is customizable I find it an excellent program and it provides a productive way to work.
I was thinking to download an effective browser that offers sponsored suggestions and sponsored features. One of my friends suggested me to try 1stBrowser for Windows. It was really a great experience browsing with 1stBrowser. It is the most customizable browser I have ever used. I'm very much thankful for the team that have developed this browser.
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