AOL Shield Browser

by AOL

A browser program which allows users to browse securely

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AOL

Release: AOL Shield Browser 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AOL Shield Browser is ideal for users who are looking for an ideal and valuable web browser, which includes user security and performs above other web browsers. This browser is highly advanced in terms of integrated features as well. It includes protection from keyloggers, among other features including a screenshot saver, protection from phishing and unsafe websites and other threats as well. It also includes applications and extensions, which include other layers of security for the protection and privacy of the user and his or her data and files. It is very elegant in appearance and comes with an interface that is simple and intuitive. It also looks somewhat similar to Google chrome in terms of appearance, as well as how the layout is displayed. AOL Shield Browser also enables the user to download and work with the Adobe Flash Player very easily. It also allows users to set up the entire browser display similar to Google Chrome, except you can customize the interface and personalize it to your own taste. With customization and configuration, you are able to select from the wide array of settings in order to set it up for future work and actions.

I would highly recommend that users who use Google Chrome check this out, as it is very much different and appealing in other ways. It also allows users to start their device over and reboot to finish the whole installation process. This browser is very much a better version of Chrome in certain aspects and should be considered holistically, in terms of the ease of use and accessibility it comes to offer to the user. As a browser program, it is definitely one type of program which users need to be weary of when searching for browser options, which may potentially be better options.


Comes with integrated features within the interface such as security extensions, programs, etc.
  • Customizable interface and display
  • Comes with applications and extensions for security
  • Works with Adobe Flash Player
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Free
I had the AOL internet when I was a little girl I loved the dial up sound it made , but that's beside the point. so the AOL Shield Brower for windows should be highly recommended. It protects the whole security and it pulls a shield up so nothing that's not supposed to come in comes in. Online threats you don't have to worry about that anymore if you have this software on your device.
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