CCleaner Professional

by Piriform Ltd

Clean your computer of temporary files, etc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Piriform Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CCleaner decrypts as Crap Cleaner, which literally translates as a garbage collector. The program searches for unused, unnecessary and temporary files on a PC. In particular, excessive cookies, browser caches, temporary network files, saved Windows search strings, everything in the shopping cart and other stuff are removed.

To ensure that nothing important is accidentally deleted during the global cleanup procedure, CCleaner has a built-in file search function for most well-known applications, such as Opera, Chrome IE, Media Player, Winamp, AIMP, WinRAR, WinZIP, and Nero and Alcohol 120% images. Also, files and corrupted Chkdsk fragments, Windows memory dump files, Prefetch data should be deleted. It is useful to use the Windows registry cleanup function. The program will rid the registry of old dll libraries, unnecessary extensions, incorrect paths (incorrectly deleted applications) and other information that will inevitably accumulate on any PC over time. The procedure for clearing the registry is secure, so that Ccleaner will not be able to disrupt the system. Cleaning up the accumulated garbage on the hard disk and the Windows registry as a whole will not only clear up the space, but will also add a little bit of performance to the system.

- Clearing of unnecessary information of system components (browser, trash, clipboard, logs, lists and history of OS, damaged files, etc.);

- cleaning the system cache;

- Cleaning of individual programs;

- Cleaning the Windows registry;

- safe removal that won't damage the system in any way;

- Confidential erasure in several cycles, which will not allow you to recover data from the disk.

CCleaner is a really helpful tool for clearing up space on your computer. If your computer has been running more slowly than usual or you have run out of space, this is a great way to get rid of the files and programs you didn't even know were taking up space in the background. And it doesn't delete anything of yours that is important!
I hoped my computer would be helped with this product. I did update the software and my computerseemed a little better(only 11 months old). Now the computer is back like it was new.I feel this product is only a good cleaner of unused or unnecessary files. My computer is like brand new with all the hard drive restored and works really fast and sharp. It does work perfectly and now added a new virus program and the computer is tip top.
CCleaner Professional for Windows is a tried and true program that I personally use on all my devices from my PC to my smartphone. CCleaner is a PC optimizer, disk cleanup tool, defragmenter, and virus mothering program all in one. It monito4s the safety and storage capacity on your PC. When my PC is acting sluggish or I'm running low on on my storage space I know I can count on CCleaner Pro for Windows to provide optimal results. Not only is this one of the best programs... But you can get it absolutely free. Compatible with all Windows Is.
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