by Orbmu2k

Processor usable for windows computers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Orbmu2k

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Last revision: Last week

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IntelCoreSeries is a small desktop gadget that displays the number of cores of the Intel processor installed on the PC, the percentage of their load and the processor temperature in a window.

To keep track of the CPU status, most users use additional programs (SpeedFan, HWMonitor, Everest, etc.). Owners of Intel Core processors do not have to use them; a small and convenient IntelCoreSeries information gadget has been developed especially for them, which allows them to monitor all the parameters of the processor in real time.

Easy-to-use and intuitive IntelCoreSeries menu makes it easy to set up all your gadget settings. In addition to the standard option of selecting one of the five suggested themes of gadget background design and determining the color palette, the user can choose the graphics style and run the display of the RAM load scale under the data related to the work of the processor.

The application features an extensive menu of advanced settings. For example, to display the processor temperature during the installation of the gadget it is necessary to install the WinRing0 driver (included with the program, installed at the request of the user). The gadget automatically adjusts itself to the size of the desktop.

IntelCoreSeries is designed to work exclusively with Intel, Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad and Core i7 processors.

- displays information about the number of cores, CPU frequency, CPU temperature and RAM load;

- some color schemes and graphic style of the gadget;

- automatically adjusts the window dimensions;

- only works with Intel Core processors.

I love being able to use just one program to track my processor's temperature and other processor parameters. I also really like that I can choose from multiple themes. the advanced settings are very robust and allow me to do much more with just this one program than I would be able to do with a handful of others. Highly Recommended!
The laptops with Intel Core processors are the best of its kind! This processor is perfect for those who take interest in photography. With a focus on both graphics and speed, you can get your photos edited 3x faster than your current processor. Plus, the enhanced photo and video editing allows for you to create in ways you never thought possible! If you work from home, don't fret: your battery will last you 11-16 hours (depending on the laptop you choose).
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