iPod nano Player

by Yahzee Skywalker

A widget to control iTunes and view song information

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yahzee Skywalker

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iPod nano Player & mdash; is a small widget that allows you to control iTunes, view information about the currently playing track in iTunes, view photos, change skins, and perform some other actions. iPod nano Player lets you browse your library in iTunes by playlists, artists, albums, and tracks. You can also view images from any folder on your computer as a slideshow. It also includes viewing and editing song lyrics. iTunes can be launched automatically when you start this player. The player has two skins & mdash; this is a black and white iPod model.

iPod nano player is a great mdash product. Works seamlessly and has many skins to choose from. Shows the current song playing in your music player, iTunes. I've found this quite useful in class and while doing homework & work it auto launches also if you choose to when you setup or you can adjust later in settings to launch with iTunes! Great over all product! I would recommend.
This software should be very useful and easy to use as it can be used in Windows. With it you can browse iTunes, view images in any folder on my computer quickly and easily, even better than if you were using a phone or tablet. It sounds good.
The iPod nano Player is a widget designed to streamline your iTunes usage. The software allows the user to seamlessly control iTunes by viewing the currently playing track whilst also allowing you to browse your library, view and edit song lyrics and change skins. The player also comes with the ability to play a slideshow from images on your device.
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