by Jumpshare

An application that allows users to share their files in real-time.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jumpshare

Release: Jumpshare 2.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Jumpshare is a file-sharing application that lets users share their files and other types of documents with each other in real time. Jumpshare has a number of unique features that many programs do not have, putting it at the top of its competition. Jumpshare allows users to share files, capture screenshots, and even screen record, which is a trendy new way to share files and important screen-related tasks. First, jumpshare's most popular feature allows users to share their files with their "drag and drop" feature. Users simply have to drag their files to their menu icon, and within a matter of seconds, those files will be copied to their clipboard and be ready to share. The software also captures and annotates screenshots, which is useful for individuals who love to collaborate and send their ideas back and forth to each other. Jumpshare also allows users to record their screen with audio, which is a unique and handy feature for those who want to demonstrate to their colleagues how to do something, or simply just show them their work in real time. Best of all, all shared files may be accessed from one place, so files will never get lost or misplaced. Jumpshare is highly valuable because it emphasizes collaboration, innovation, organization, and best of all- integration. Jumpshare can be integrated with hundreds of apps, which allows the user to work quickly and efficiently to deliver the best product possible. The app is most popular among businesses and business-oriented individuals and is trusted by thousands who have already made the leap to get the software. Jumpshare is the world's fastest visual sharing platform to help artists and innovators share their work and view over 200 types of file formats. Jumpshare operates on Windows 2.0.3 or higher and is a free, readily available download.

Jumpshare allows users to collaborate with just the click of a button while receiving quick feedback from others.

Operates on Windows 2.0.3 or higher.

Jumpshare is a very userful software which allows peer to peer file sharing of your documents, including screen sharing. It is a great way to share files easily and without hassle, including screen sharing. Jumpshare is a great software product.
Would definitely download this application for windows. When first looking at Jumpshare I was amazed about how easy it is to share my videos, screenshots, or files with just a click of a button. You get over 2TB of storage and the possibilities are endless. Would 100% recommend!
It's a program that works similar to Dropbox. It works well, and you can easily share files and stuff with others easily.
Jumpshare for Windows is a great software program if you are looking for a secure, reliable way to file share. This program allows you to easily drag, drop and share your files with just a couple clicks of your mouse! No longer having to wait to upload or download files. You can also record screen casts, along with note making, and bookmarking websites of your choice.
Jumpshare the all-in-one package. You can screenshot and edit. With one click you can share your pics to multiple social media sites. Other than screen shot you can record with video and audio. There is a bookmark and everything goes to ONE PLACE! The hotkey is GOLD. You can share links and webpages by a simple drag and drop. Very user friendly.
Jumpshare has the fastest drag and drop feature with creates a link and you can share it anywhere to access those files. it has so many features from drag and drop to screen sharing even with third party software as well. the best part is it is free and easy to use. One of the feature is you can easily screenshot and also annotate them easily and in fastest manner. It is one of the good ones.
The software product Jumpshare for Windows has never made it any easier to be able to share files in an incredibly fast manner. This software makes it so quick and easy to drag, drop and share your files. The best thing about it is that this software is 100% free. Not only is it reliable, time efficient and easy to use, but it Jumpshare for windows can be send files via email directly and screenshot capture and annotate but there are also so many other features alongside the ones mentioned.
Jumpshare for Windows is the best screen recording software for both windows and mac. It also combines file sharing ,screenshot capture and video recording in one platform . It is easy to use software .It's easy upload files via drag and drop and share using a link. It also captures high -quality screen recordings. We can share our work in seconds and be productive with new type of work communicate tool. It is free and safe , secure to use software.
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