KeyScrambler Personal

by QFXsoftware

Free-to-use software that obfuscates your passwords as you type them

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: QFXsoftware

Release: KeyScrambler Personal 3.12.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KeyScrambler is free-to-use software that obfuscates your passwords as you type them in so that they cannot be stolen by keylogger technology. It was launched in 2006 as the first widely available keystroke-encryption product and has consistently fought off competition from rival products since then.


  • Encrypts typed info into most popularly used web browsers. The live encryption method means you will know when your information is safe in the browser.
  • Keeps up to date via its anti-keystroke profiling feature. Any snooping keyloggers will only read the gibberish text instead of your personal information.
  • Encrypts text entered into many of your favorite apps
  • Automatic updates ensure you are protected against the most recent threats

If you want to ensure you and your family's online security, then KeyScrambler may be the tool you need. The software is also available for different needs from Personal or Professional and beyond.

You get to see KeyScrambler work live and in realtime.

KeyScrambler currently boasts over a million users within 217 countries, including Germany, UK, France, and Italy, who are a testament to its effectiveness. Furthermore, security experts around the world are writing positively about it in prestigious publications such as BBC,, CNET, and more.

The KeyScrambler Personal package is free and comes with browser encryption (for 60-plus browsers) and anti-keystroke profiling.

The Professional edition comes with all the Personal package options but in addition, will encrypt text entered into many apps and will automatically update.

The Premium package advances on the Professional one by including encryption for many business programs in addition to apps. It also has other advanced security features. 


The software can be deployed on multiple computers with ease and will not take up a lot of space on your computer – the file size is only 1.5mb.

A key security software which has a greater trustworthy upon hackers and threats. Must needed for each and every computers. As nowadays its been a big list of passwords to remember with the long list of social networking sites. With customized security system its a remarkable solution for a safer zone.
This is a product that everyone should have. This product obfuscates your password as your are trying it in, this way it makes it impossible to be stolen. The key loggers that are trying to steal your password will gibberish that they cannot understand, instead of what you are typing.
The Key Scrambler helps to provide a way to protect one's important details. It allows for one to keep their personal details safe and feel more comfortable knowing that nobody is going to be able to access their personal details. I definitely think that this should be used for all there.
Charlie Hash
KeyScrambler is great. It's nice to know that I have something keeping me more protected when I browse online. I especially like that I'm not only protected in browsers, but in programs, games, and nearly every other application I use on my computer. Would definitely recommend.
Unlike Anti-virus or Anti-spyware Keyscrambler Personal is a free app that stops keyloggers from stealing any if the information you are typing. The app works by encrypting each key stroke as you type and then decrypts them when they reach your browser. There is no need to learn anything about the program, just install it and let it keep your information safe. Keyscrambler Personal free app works with more than 60 browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
KeyScrambler Personal for Windows is encryption software for keystrokes in real time meant to ensure that one is shielded from keylogging attacks. The software is useful when one is using the internet to log in to their banks, credit cards, search terms, emails, personal accounts and such. I recommend this software in this age of cyber security threats. In case a keylogger warms one account KeyScrambler Personal for Windows is able to jumble meaningless characters for them and protect your logins. Try KeyScrambler Personal for Windows and enjoy peace of mind with your log in details.
Definitely, the best anti-keylogging software that i've encountered. I use this quite a lot at work, and i've never encountered any serious issues. It's really simple to use; the interface is clean, and it comes with clear instructions. It's also really helpful that it supports Zoom, as i've been using it a lot over the past year. Overall, i'd recommend it highly.
Now my life is worry-free! This is simple and easy to use and it encrypts in real-time. It's also free in the personal version! Can't believe I ever lived without this. I might upgrade to pro and protect my mobile devices with it also.
KeyScrambler Personal is a free version of the program that encrypts all data entered into the browser. Uses real-time encryption and can work even on virus-infected computers. This application is probably one of the best apps, that can encrypt the data in chrome and in other browsers. The interface of the application is easy and understandable for me, the all needed features and functions in the app, also it can be worked as an extension for browsers.
If your privacy matters then KeyScrambler for Windows might be an application to help you live your life, or do business more securely. It offers real-time keystroke scrambling (or encryption as the experts say)using your Windows operating system. You can type a message on your PC to be read by another program on your PC but anyone trying to intercept that text would see nothing but random text. The Personal version of this app is totally free too.
KeyScrambler is an encrypted program which can help people deal with security issues. The program has the capability of sending data across 60 different browser models. That data is always encrypted and will be secure for the new user. The program is designed for the Windows OS, which will run it at an optimal pace. Trust the design team and see which new features have been included for it as well.
KeyScrambler Personal is there to encrypt your keystrokes at the level of your keyboard driver and decrypt all of them! I love this system! It has been a great one for a long time for me! Keyscrambler is a great product that you will fall in love with. Just like I have! It's an amazing tool to use when you are looking for something such as this!
KeyScambler Personal for Windows is designed to thwart keyloggers. It works by encrypting keystrokes in the kernel and then decrypting at the destination application. If a keylogger has made it past your firewall and virus protection, the hacker receives only encrypted keystrokes, which will produce no useable information. Its user interface allows you to see encryption as it happens, and to easily disable encryption when desired. The software is compatible with most security programs, but operating systems are limited to Windows 2000, 2003, XP, and Windows 7.
I am so paranoid about cyber security. KeyScrambler Personal for Windows gives me peace of mind. It is a free download that encrypts my keystrokes to protect my browser from programs that can steal my personal information. That's provides me with next level security. I don't want my username, passwords, credit card, and other personal information to be stolen. I can protect my data with this software. Thank goodness.
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