Retrieve long-forgotten passwords for different messaging applications

Operating system: Windows

Release: MessenPass 1.43

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Locked out of a messaging account you haven't used in a while and need back in? This handy tool can help! With MessenPass, you can retrieve long-forgotten passwords for different messaging applications such as Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace IM, and many others. As long as you can remember one password for one of the messaging applications you use, you can use MessenPass retrieve information for any the others. Not only that, but you can use MessenPass to help you determine which of your passwords may be too weak so that you can update them and keep hackers at bay.


  • Your confidentiality and the confidentiality of others are protected.
  • Automatically analyzes which Microsoft messaging applications you use.
  • Includes email and passwords used for each account.
  • The strength of passwords analyzed.
  • Results are organized into a table that can be exported as text.

If you are someone who uses multiple messaging accounts, or if you have used several over time and need a way to organize and retrieve information quickly and easily so that you can access older information, AND you don't want to spend a lot of money, MessenPass may be just what you are looking for. This free program is a safe, secure way to retrieve all of your personal information from your Microsoft messaging applications. It cannot be used by others to harm you by allowing them to steal any of your passwords, nor can you use it to spy on others. Best of all, the information provided by MessenPass can be used to make your accounts more secure by letting you know if you have a weak password that needs to be updated to a stronger one.

It is free-ware, so no cost to you for an application you may only have to use once!

Most security software will likely warn you that this program is a danger to your computer because of the nature of what it does.

This is actually a useful program as I have many different accounts online and have for over a decade and remembering all of them can be quite the task. Ones I have not used in a very long time can obviously be especially hard to remember so this would help tremendously with that.
MessenPass is a great tool that I use all the time. I'd highly recommend it if you are looking for a way to recover passwords that you have forgotten for your instant messenger programs. I tend to make somewhat difficult to remember passwords so that I can't get hacked, and this is a great way to always have my passwords stored. This program works on AOL Instant Messenger as well as Google Talk. It's a great product and if you use Instant Messengers, it's a must buy.
MessenPass has been wonderful for me and allows me to use my favorite messenger apps without fear. I am often losing track of all of my passwords. If I happen to forget a password, MessenPass is there to lend a helping hand. I also don't have to worry about others gaining access to my passwords as MessenPass only allows access to the logged on user of a local computer. No one other than me can grab my password. It gives me complete peace of mind when it comes to the messenger apps I use the most.
Messenpass is the best password recovery tool for my recovers my lost password so easily. It reveals the password for apps like MSN messenger and windows live messenger. But, it has a problem - Some Antivirus applications detect this app utility as infected with Trojan/Virus.
MessenPass seems outdated. The password recovery tool for old passwords are for instant messenger apps that are most likely not being used at the current day in age. MSN, AOL and Yahoo messenger are almost non-existent. Majority of the population is most likely using Facebook messenger, snapchat, Instagram, email or text.
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