Latency Optimizer

by Badosoft - A Victus Trading Systems Brand

A solution for problems with lag, latency, ping, and other online performance issues

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Badosoft - A Victus Trading Systems Brand

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Latency Optimizer for Windows is a software that allows you to diagnose problems with internet lag, latency, ping, and other online performance issues. This is an increasing issue in high-bandwidth games and entertainment software, so this product can literally change the way an end user views media through the web. While many solutions to these issues are often self-explanatory or can be found via forums, Latency Optimizer creates a no-mess, simple solution for the user who needs a little extra. Latency Optimizer assists the user by boosting network and internet connection by using 14 unique built-in tools with over 45 unique tweaks in 12 languages.



It has several features all included in one package.
  • Three Boosting Modes
  • Advanced settings
  • Control Panel
  • Performance & Network Tweaks
  • Performance Recorder
  • Packet monitor
  • Speed Test
  • Latency Test
  • Startup Manager
  • System Cleaner
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Memory Optimizer
  • First Aid Kit

Using these 14 features in the free version of the software, nearly any issue or slowdown of internet capabilities is easily remedied.  In addition, a user has access to many more features, including packet monitoring by upgrading to the professional version. While many of these features may sound complicated, they are very easy to understand, and Latency Optimizer walks a user through the software while also maintaining an extensive online Help section available. Most of these features can be activated automatically, although advanced users have a wide array of options to specifically address a connectivity issue.

Latency Optimizer is designed to work on nearly any computer, and with the standard software package currently free to use  (professional version priced at 29.99 USD) this software is well within reach of any user that needs a serious online performance boost. Backed by the Badosoft Corporation, established over 10 years ago, a user can trust that Latency Optimizer can work for whatever their specific needs might be.

Offered in Free and Professional versions.

Carissa S.
This product is actually very relevant to me as someone whose household doesn't have the greatest internet speeds despite paying for high speed internet. This Latency Optimizer seems very appealing as it advertises a method to fix those exact speed issues that I have along with providing many convenient features and functions like a speed and latency test. What I find to be the most promising feature of this product is its system and disk cleaner, and its memory optimizer. I enjoy the ability to optimize my storage on my phone with the click of a button, so having a similar function to help my internet performance would be perfect for me. The existence of a free version is great, and the fact that the paid version is only $29.99 is also a good deal in my opinion. Having 12 different language settings makes this product very accessible to people from all sorts of backgrounds, so while I can't say anything for sure about the product's performance, I can definitely say the premise is fantastic.
Elle Jay
This is a cool program that allows you to view and adjust what apps are causing lag or using up a lot of bandwidth. Sometimes my computer will be running really slowly and I have no idea why, and this app can help! It lets you know what's going on so you can adjust accordingly. It also comes in several language so no worries if English isn't your first language.
Latency optimizer has helped my online performance and now I can search faster and more efficiently and save time and increase productivity. There are multiple features, parameters, ways of finding out troubling items that you can easily fix and manipulate
Latency Optimizer is the ideal tool for those looking to boost their own PC and internet performance. This tool is used to keep things running smoothly, reduce lag and errors. It is great for maintenance and significantly boosts the speed of network function. With optimization, the registry and device configuration is essential for those looking to have things running more smoothly and keeping your computer performing to the highest standard.
Theo Rushing
Avast Cleanup is 15 years of computer tuneup expertise that jogs your old PC back into shape, and keeps any PC running like new.
It offers boost our PC and internet connection. It has three predefined optimization. It reduces the lag of internet connection performance. It is a very simple software and easy to follow and has a small footprint. It speed up the internet and PC. It supports OS like Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / 8 and Windows 10. Latency Optimizer does is optimize network services, the Windows registry and network device configuration
All people are going to experience slow internet, slow computer, or just some general performance issues when it comes to our device. Latency Optimizer can not only speed up internet and your computer networks, but it also looks at your computer and performs maintenance. As someone who games, this is especially a great thing because it can help speed up those moments that might lag because of your system.
Lately, for the past four months I have been looking for a good software program for my computer that will help boost my internet connection speed. I recently looked into Latency Optimizer for Windows, and I have to say this is by far the best software program out there right now to help make my internet speeds faster. I work from home as a graphic artist, so having fast internet is a must-have for me! I was so surprised how well this program did for my connection. I was completely surprised! This program is highly affordable if you are looking for a price limit. It is also very high in performance speeds. I give this program two huge thumbs up!
If you happen to have a WiFi setup in which your devices are spread apart or are further than you’d like, you’ve probably run into latency issues or poor connection speeds. Those issues can be alleviated, with Latency Optimizer. Latency Optimizer is a software that makes itself the best middle-man a router and device could ask for. Latency Optimizer records network issues, loads and saves configurations, tests speed and latency, as well as offers network health and disk tools, to keep your PC running like new.
Latency Optimizer is a program for gamers and those who need to improve their latency, lag issues, and for those who want to experience the best online gaming experience. With over forty-five mini-features and settings, Latency Optimizer ensures an all-around optimal experience with whatever the user intends to use it for. With the additional abilities of diagnostic testing and game and application boosting, Latency Optimizer gives full control to gamers and those who may suffer from unoptimized PC’s.
Latency Optimizer is a pretty good tool for keeping your machine running fast. I mean it's hard to beat a free program that can do all the things this one can. The automatic backup is great, especially when it's integrated with other tools like a system cleaner, packet inspector and of course all the performance optimizations. This easily replaced 5-6 programs for me.
This is software for Windows-based PC's that will help clean, optimize, and debug your operating system. Using this software helps your computer run faster. This software will clean up unnecessary fragmented files, temporary files, cached files, and other data that is stored on the computer unnecessarily. It seems to work very well for what it claims to do. It has three different modes that you can choose from, depending on what latency issues you are trying to resolve. It should be used regularly to keep your computer running at its very best.
Does what it says it does, speeds up your PC! By a lot! Even in areas with low internet!
my lag internet issues are now a thing of the past. latency optimizer is the best solution I have ever had, with simple instructions. it is even better that it comes with extra features, such as freeing up RAM memory, cleaning system usage traces, and testing for upload and download speeds. I can comfortably game all day and night worry-free.
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