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Operating system: Windows

Release: NetSpeedMonitor 2.5.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Is your internet connection dicey - subject to bandwidth hogging, freezes, slowdowns or unknown connecting applications? Then consider NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows): it is the program that can empower you to effectively take control of your vital internet connection once and for all. NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) adds a toolbar to Windows that allows you to turn to monitor on and off, view all your internet-connected programs and watch their real-time data traffic. Its window allows you to see all the hosts your computer is connecting to, and how much data is being used--it even resolves hostnames so you do not have to! In addition, you can select any network hardware device--like your modem or wireless card--and see the data packets that the device is sending and receiving.

The software is free, but you can give a donation if you want. It is easy to install, and runs unobtrusively in your system tray, collecting data which you can view at any time. If you download large files from the internet and think that the download is taking forever, then summon NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) and see your file's current download rate--is it what your ISP has promised you, or much too slow. If it is slower then you are paying for, you can contact your ISP with the data in hand to enhance your argument and maybe even get faster service for free, or even a pro-rated refund. You never know, but everyone agrees that knowledge is indeed power. 

NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) will also allow troubleshooting device problems, like a balky NIC card or an outdated modem, and then let you replace just that device rather than having to buy a whole new computer just because you do not know what the exact problem is.

With NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) you can find spikes, disconnects and slowdowns...and then work to eliminate them!

  • With NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) you can save money by finding outdated hardware
  • NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) lets you find out if your ISP is lying about your up- and download speeds
  • NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) is free (donations accepted)
  • NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) is small, unobtrusive and takes very little memory and disk space

NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) is the 'net addict's BFF!

John Dow
NetSpeedMonitor appears to be a great app if it delivers on everything that it promises. I think it would be great to see the amount of bandwidth that individual programs and apps which use the internet are taking. I understand that the program is free however if the app does what it says it can do I would not have a problem with donating to the developers. This is in hope that they would improve on some of the functionalities present or new ones in the future,
sam dow
With NetSpeedMonitor (for Windows) you can find spikes, disconnects and slowdowns...and then work to eliminate them!
NetSpeedMonitor can be a useful product for those who are experiencing slow internet speeds. The program essentially adds a toolbar to your Windows desktop which monitors internet traffic, thus allowing you to disable useless network traffic such as data trackers or network spyware.
The website makes it sound like the program is a packet sniffer, which has its uses, but it's not likely I'd use this particular program anytime soon. It's nice that it's free though. I might have to keep it in mind for future use.
This NetSpeedMonitor program is a toolbar that allows users to monitor their Windows taskbar. It gives at-a-glance upload and download speeds, all in a small toolbar icon within your browser. It is perfect for analyzing the network and determining any issues related to speed and connectivity. Use this to see how your network is faring.
With this tool, you can monitor the current speed of your connection and the amounts of data transferred. This tool makes it easier for someone to keep track of how their Windows is running. It is also beginner-friendly.
Monitor the current speed of your connection and the amount of data transferred
Most of the time i forgot the amount of data used when i am using the internet. It is very must to save the data for other purposes. NetSpeed Monitor is very much helpful for me to monitor the current speed of the data transferred and it is very helpful to avoid consuming the unwanted data of other kind of downloads when it was hidden.
Implement IP monitoring network-wide Monitor your network from anywhere with remote network monitoring Achieve fast device polling with SNMP monitoring Analyze network traffic and bandwidth consumption Fix problems quickly with customized network alerts sent via email or text Create network diagrams to visualize your network Ready to get started? Complete the form, and we’ll send you an email with instructions to download our network monitoring software.
I'd forgotten all about this app until I needed to monitor my home network last week to troubleshoot a lagging connection. I honestly can't remember the first time I used NetSpeedMonitor but it has been more than 9 years ago. It hasn't changed much over the years and is still as reliable today as it was when I was a network tech and used it daily.
Measuring the internet speed and Download/Upload rate is very essential for every PC-owner. This software is showing these data to you and has many beautiful skins and themes. It's compatible with all windows and has a great net speed feature. But I think it has a little bit complicated configurations and maybe it's better to do have a more simple interface. I think it's worth the price.
I love this! Now I know exactly what speeds I'm getting from my network provider! I can also see my bandwidth usage which is something that has been an issue as there are restrictions. Installation was simple and easy.
NetSpeedMonitor for Windows was a huge help. We have so much traffic with our family of four that we were having major connectivity issues. This helped us narrow down the issue by monitoring connection speeds at the moment. So now we can work from home without getting disconnected constantly or the kids losing access to devices.
This product does exactly as it says it would! I love it! I use it to help watch traffic flow use on my internet which helps let me know if anyone may have hacked use of my internet. I play a lot of games, too, so it lets me keep track of my download speeds. Definitely recommend it to others!
It monitors the current speed of connections. In this, I can use record usage. It fixes the connectivity issues. It is free application software for windows. I really like this and which is in the toolbar or taskbar on my system desktop. It also monitors the amount of data transferred.
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